Quick installation of pipes without welding with the Geberit Mapress system

14 November 2016. The Geberit Group, the European market leader in plumbing, introduces the universal Mapress piping system, which allows you to quickly lay utilities in buildings for any purpose. Simple and reliable press connection technology eliminates the need for expensive, time-consuming and dangerous work such as threading, soldering or welding.


Quick installation without welding with Geberit Mapress

The Geberit Mapress system consists of carbon steel and stainless steel pipes and fittings in diameters from 15 to 108 mm. It is the optimal solution for residential, office and industrial applications. It can be used for installation of water supply systems, autonomous and central heating, cooling circuits, fire sprinkler systems, as well as gas and pneumatic networks.

Several versions of the Geberit Mapress system have been developed for different applications:

– made of carbon steel with an exterior polymer coating of polypropylene for low-visibility outdoor laying of heating systems

– externally galvanized carbon steel pipe for heating and industrial applications

– made of carbon steel with external and internal galvanizing, for use in sprinkler systems

– made of stainless steel for water supply networks and transportation of chemically aggressive liquids.

The components of the Geberit Mapress system are assembled by pressing, i.e. crimping press fittings on the pipe using hand-operated press jaws or hydraulic electric tools. This technology provides mechanical strength and long-term tightness of the connections. For builders’ convenience and quality assurance of installation, the fittings are equipped with a red indicator that is removed when properly pressed. Additionally, tees, elbows and reducers are supplied with plastic plugs to protect against dirt and dust during installation.


“Builders appreciate the high speed of assembly of the Geberit Mapress system and the absence of time-consuming, dirty and hazardous work – such as threading or welding,

– says Maxim Gekman, expert at Geberit. –

Pressing one fitting on the pipe takes less than a minute. It produces no chips or other waste, no sparks or open flames. So it is the ideal technology for use on sites where welding is prohibited: for example, in wooden buildings”.

Optimal composition of used alloys provides high resistance to corrosion and excellent strength characteristics of products. All system components feature exceptionally smooth surfaces roughness of no more than 1.5 μm and stable dimensions, which guarantees high hydrodynamic properties of piping and tight connections.

The Geberit Mapress range includes more than 500 shaped components couplings, tees, bends, reducers and mounting elements that enable fast, easy and reliable assembly of piping and their connection to other Geberit systems.

Geberit Mapress system is widely used both in new construction and renovation of engineering systems of buildings. In particular, it was used during the reconstruction of the Kamennoostrovsky Wooden Theater in St. Petersburg, where welding work was prohibited by fire safety requirements.

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