PowerClear sweeper keeps hands and pipes clean

RIDGID part of EMERSON Group , the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tools for the construction, sanitary and industrial sectors, introduces the new PowerClear™ compact cordless cleaner. It will get rid of clogs quickly and without dirt from tub, shower stall or sink outlets.


The RIDGID PowerClear™ all-purpose drum washer is designed to effectively unclog the most troublesome areas of a drain – elbows of sinks, tubs and showers with 20 to 40 mm in pipe diameter. Maximum ease of use for private and professional use.

Andrey Makarov, Director of RIDGID America“RIDGID engineers completely redesigned the concept of the compact clogging machine and offered a truly user-friendly design that makes clog removal easier and eliminates contact with dirt. Even owners of city apartments, private homes and summer cottages can afford such inexpensive and functional equipment, but it is powerful and productive enough to interest homeowners, hotels, office and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, as well as private plumbers and drain companies.

PowerClear™ is equipped with a 120 W motor that operates at speeds up to 450 rpm. 6 mm thick, 9 m long MAXCORE™ 50 abrasion-resistant spiral has a central core that provides extra spiral stiffness and durability while preventing tangles and debris from entering the coils.


Key new feature is dual auto-feeding of the coil at 5.4 mpm. The collapsible two-segment hose allows the spiral to be precisely guided into the revision or drain port. The user can put on an extra hose segment if needed to make it easier to work in confined spaces. The operator’s hands don’t come into contact with the dirty cleaning spiral at any stage of the operation.

The impact-resistant transparent plastic drum cover allows a visual check of the operating length of the coil and its condition. Also, the drum has a drain valve on the bottom to remove water after each use, which extends the life of the coil.

Dimensions are 5.6 x 22.9 x 29.2 cm and the weight is only 5.4 kg. The press tool is equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle for easy transportation.

PowerClear™ sales in America through official RIDGID distributors will start in July 2018.

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