Pioneer DJ releases remix station RMX-500 with the ability to simultaneously control multiple parameters

January 22, 2014. – Pioneer DJ launches RMX-500 easy-to-use remix station. The new splash pad absorbs the best features of the RMX-1000 and is even easier to use, allowing you to customize your settings independently and control many parameters at once.


The RMX-500 has buttons for five drum samples, five audio effects and ten stage effects. Large audio and stage effect encoders adjust the depth and sub-parameters of the effects.

A new customization button allows you to select and save the desired sounds and parameters right on the station. Rhythm effects section can activate both audio effects and sound sequencer. Signal Flow button instantly adds scene effects to rhythm effects.

Like the flagship RMX-1000, the effector can be used in the studio as a controller for RMX-500 VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins. The RMX-500 has a built-in sound card that lets you control tracks or mixes through headphones.

The portable RMX-500 can unleash your creativity no matter what you’re using.

A demonstration of the RMX-500 working with the CDJ-2000NXS and DJM-900NXS can be seen here:


The RMX-500 will go on sale in March for 16,990 Dollars including VAT.


    1. Unique encoders let you control multiple parameters at once

      Two large encoders let you control many settings at once with one hand. Rotate the encoder to adjust the effect level, and by pressing it, proceed to adjust the parameters. Multiple layers of effects allow you to be more creative.

        2. Positioned controls for immediate access to all functions

          The RMX-500 is divided into sections with direct access to all functions.

          Ten quantized Scene effects

          Effects that add energy to the set: Mod, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up and Reverb Up. Breakdown effects: HF and LF filters, Zip, Spiral Down, and Reverb Down. Each effect has two variations Noise has four variations selectable via the Customise button. Echo+ function adds an echo to these effects.

          New rhythm effects with five drum samples and five audio effects

          The X-Pad from the RMX-1000 has been replaced by an easier to use rhythm section. DJs can lay down samples: drums, drummer, clap, hi-hat, dulcimer, each with six variations. Five audio effects Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay, Offset add another level for creativity. Overdub button allows you to play your own sequences in combination with rhythmic effects on the fly. And the Signal Flow button adds scene effects to rhythmic ones.

          Three Release effects

          The Release tones are in the middle of the RMX-500, giving the DJ easy access to all combinations of spinback, brakes, and echo effects. The length of each effect can be adjusted via the Customise button.

            3. On-the-fly customization with the Customise button

              RMX-500 can be independently tuned without additional equipment. Selected settings are automatically saved even when the unit is turned off. Users can customize:

              • Stage effects
              • Select samples from six variations
              • Adjustable length of spinback, brakes and echo
              • Select the loop length between 4 and 8 bits

                4. VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins and sound card for studio work

                  In addition to performances, the effector can be useful in the studio when producing music or recording sets. You can simply plug the unit into your computer to control the RMX-500 VST/AU/RTAS plug-in. The RMX-500 has a built-in sound card that allows you to monitor tracks or mixes using headphones or monitors.

                    5. Other

                      • Auto BPM: automatic BPM counter
                      • MIDI support: can be used as MIDI controller
                      • Compact: easy to transport
                      • X-Stand: can be located on a special Pioneer T-U101 stand sold separately



                      Input x 1 RCA, stereo


                      Output x 1 RCA, stereo

                      Headphones x1 &frac14 jack

                      Other ports

                      USB V x 1

                      Sample Rate

                      48 kHz



                      Frequency range

                      20 Hz – 20 kHz

                      Harmonic Distortion

                      0.006% or less


                      96 dB


                      306 x 67 x 132 mm

                      Built-in sound card

                      48 kHz, 16-bit


                      0.93 kg

                      * VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

                      * Audio Units Trademark of Apple, Inc.

                      * Pro Tools and RTAS are trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc.

                      * RMX-500 needs RMX-500 plug-in for PC/Mac

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