The docking station PIONEER XW-NAV1-k holds a DVD-player, FM-radio, iPod dock and speakers

The fame of Pioneer brought by the rapid implementation of the most topical technical innovations, and this multi-format combo is no exception. DVD player, FM-radio, iPod dock and acoustics are packed into minimalist design. Best for use with a small TV, in a bedroom or study.


The picture quality is excellent, the sound will also suit all music lovers with average demands. Not superfluous in many cases will be a built-in alarm clock, when placed in the bedroom is generally an element of a mandatory program.


For different models of iPods you have to slightly modify the cradle with the help of interchangeable panels. With iPhone and iPod Nano no problems found, but you can not dock iPad, and the system is not designed for this.


However, this recommendation is mainly due to the small size of the device, the video quality does not leave much to be desired within the format. For TVs 50 inches and up, Blu-ray or HD media is preferred, but there are a number of users quite satisfied with DVDs. The XW-NAV1 is more than capable of doing just that.

A built-in scaler makes picture quality on Full HD displays clear and sharp. True, video files from the iPod look noticeably paler than those played from a disc or USB drive, the internal signal transmission is composite, as on the standard dock.

A set of compatible multimedia formats includes most common audio files and videos in standard definition, not particularly wide, but adequate for people without exotic demands.

Tuner is limited to FM band. On the front panel, there’s also a handy mini-jack input for pocket-sized audio players. Those that can work as a standard flash drive can be connected via USB, which has a positive effect on sound quality.

It’s worth noting the handy, full-size remote control, which is increasingly rare among compact equipment. The design adapts well to different interiors, there is a black and two-tone with white version. Can’t call it super stylish,

Taking into consideration the reasonable price, we can unconditionally recommend this device to all who are looking for a DVD player, iPod dock and radio set in one bottle and aren’t yet chasing after high definition formats.

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