Panasonic SD-ZB2502 bread machine review

Special programs for rye bread: Enjoy your favorite Borodino.


11 programs for baking bread: basic basic fast basic with raisins dietary fast dietary with raisins rye French gluten-free single grain single grain with raisins.

Cooking Time: 1 hour 50 minutes to 6 hours.

Baking program: from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

10 dough programs: basic/primary with raisins/dietary with raisins/rye/ French/dumplings/pizza/pizza/one-grain/one-grain with raisins.

Cooking time: 20 minutes to 3 hours and 35 minutes.

2 fruit programs: jam and syrup fruit.



White/white with raisins/egg/cheese and smoked sausage/milk/honey and nuts/multi-flour/diet wholemeal/diet wholemeal with raisins/olives/cooked dumplings plain simple on rye flour from spelt wholemeal from spelt from ready mix gluten-free gluten-free with sugar and salt gluten-free maize.


Plain/knuckles/fish pie/for pancakes/diet/ New York dumpling/diet with raisins/rhoma dumplings/rye dumplings/Danish croissants/croissants/French bread pizza thin pizza pizza dough rye flour pizza dough spelt flour rolls dumplings dumplings homemade noodles toast muffin cottage cheese.


Berry/strawberry/blackberry/apple/peach Melba/plum/ frozen berries/red currant with chili pepper/abricot.


Peaches in syrup/apples in syrup/pears in syrup.


2 dispensers: for raisins and nuts removable for yeast.

2 spatulas included: basic/rye bread spatula.

Accessories: 310 ml measuring cup with 10 ml divisions, double-sided measuring spoon 15/5 ml .


Choice: loaf size – XL/L/M,

The color of crust – dark/medium/light.

Timer from 4 to 13 hours in 10 minute increments. Countdown to the end of the program.

Display with indication of: menu number time remaining to full readiness cooking stage proving/kneadding/rising/baking/end power problems protection against program failure in case of power failure up to 10 minutes .


– Fully automated programs: failure just can’t happen – even to a beginner.

– Two dispensers: one for raisins and solids and one for yeast to improve the dough preparation, avoiding early liquid penetration on the yeast, which is beneficial for the quality of the bread.

– Programs for baking black bread: rye, borodino, etc.

– Separate spatula for kneading heavy dough.

– Dough proving stage.

– Low noise level, possibility of using timer for night baking.

– Stylish design that fits easily into any interior. “Anti-finger” stainless steel coating: the appliance always looks neat!

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