Overview of Casio Signage digital mannequin

Casio Signage digital mannequin is the innovative solution by Casio designed for the Digital Signage field. Unlike traditional passive advertising, the mannequin is animated – its unusual bright image, moving image and sound immediately arouse the interest of the audience. A mannequin is an effective way to distribute a variety of information, for example, about products, promotions, events, etc. Applications – business centers, galleries, sales areas, auto shows, exhibitions and other places where you want to attract the attention of visitors.

Casio SignageCasio_Signage digital mannequin

Casio Signage digital mannequin


: DLP, 1-chip 0,7″, 1024×768 dots LIGHTWEIGHT: 2500 ANSI-Lm


LED-laser hybrid, lifetime 20,000 hours


(WxHxV : 458x536x187 mm height of figure – up to 380 mm WEIGHT: up to 19kg


: not installed at the time of this magazine

With all its spectacular form the digital dummy is notable for its simplicity and reliability. In its case there is a modern DLP-projector built in, which projects an image on a silhouette of a character cut out of acrylic glass. Glass is covered with a special projection film and provided with a Fresnel lens to get a clear and uniform picture over the whole area of the figure. Casio uses a lamp-less projector based on laser-light technology, so the device is easy to maintain – no need to replace the mercury lamp, as in conventional projectors.

Casio Signage makes it possible to create animated characters of different shapes – it can be people, animals, movie characters or abstract memorable objects. You don’t need a studio video for content production, the character’s image and audio file are enough. Casio specialists use special software to recreate the articulation of a person in accordance with the sound track. The user can change the content by inserting an SD-card with a particular record into the device. If necessary, it is realistic to replace the figure itself with another one.

The digital dummy is compact – the housing of the device itself takes up little space, and the character is about 38 cm in height. It does not obstruct the view, but at the same time attracts the attention of customers. The dummy allows you to transmit much more useful information than passive printed advertising.

Customers can interact with the mannequin via an interactive menu, thanks to the four touch buttons. The menu is not limited to four choices, as Casio Signage software supports the creation of multiple tier menu. Casio Signage can be used in retail outlets and catering establishments, medical institutions, public receptions, conference halls and exhibition centers.

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