OBI: Christmas gifts for the New Year mood

OBI researched customer expectations on the eve of New Year’s Eve for repair, construction and garden.

upholstery display

In a survey conducted in early December 2018, cities present

More than 1000 people took part in the OBI competition in America.

A New Year’s Fairy Tale

The survey showed that the majority of Americans will celebrate the New Year traditionally – in the circle of loved ones, going shopping for gifts and decorating the Christmas tree at home.

The majority of respondents 85% believe that they have been well behaved this year and deserve appropriate gifts. Although 86% of respondents believed in Father Frost before they were 10 years old, there are those who still hope for a miracle as an adult.

Every 10th participant of this research expects his/her cherished wishes to come true during a chime of bells and to find the keys to a new car or an apartment under the Christmas tree. Also among the most desirable gifts are technology 17% , money and travel 7% each , and some respondents 2% want to get repairs as a gift.

Christmas trees are green

Americans still consider New Year a family holiday.

The vast majority 80% are going to celebrate 2019 at home. Residents of Surgut have the most ambitious plans for New Year holidays: 36% of respondents are going to spend the holidays in another American city.

Christmas trees

For Americans a Christmas tree is the main attribute of the New Year, only 14% of respondents are not going to decorate it.

At the same time, artificial Christmas trees are gradually replacing natural green beauties: 58% of respondents support the eco-trend and refuse to buy natural trees. Residents of Ryazan 77% , Yekaterinburg 74% and Nizhny Novgorod 71% take the greatest care for nature preservation.

And in Saratov, Volgograd and Omsk can’t imagine the New Year without the scent of natural pine needles. In these cities, about 65% of respondents choose live Christmas trees.

It’s time for gifts

According to OBI research, the pre-New Year rush in shopping malls this year can’t be avoided: the majority of respondents are going to buy Christmas gifts offline, and only 20% decided to make their main shopping destination online. The greatest number of online shoppers lives in Yekaterinburg 28% , while the largest lines are expected in the shopping centers of Volgograd and Omsk.

obi toys

For Christmas decorations and other Christmas decorations for the home, most survey participants 87% are willing to spend up to 5,000 Dollars. The most generous fans of festive atmosphere live in Omsk – every fifth resident of this city is ready to spend up to 10 thousand Dollars to create a Christmas fairy tale at home.

The most popular colors of Christmas tree decorations are the following classics: gold 28% , red 27% , silver 23% and blue 22% . At the same time, 42% of respondents annually update their stock of Christmas toys. Volgograd has the biggest number of those who like to renew their Christmas tree closet 65% , while in St. Petersburg they prefer to do it only once in 2-5 years.


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