Fruity mood all year round with Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution ZU500

Juicy fruits, ripe berries, fragrant greens and appetizing vegetables… Summer beckons us with a colorful palette of seasonal fruits and the opportunity to pamper ourselves and our loved ones with our favorite freshly squeezed juices. Experimenting with flavors is now much easier, thanks to the innovative new InfinyPressRevolutionZU500 juicer from Moulinex!

Beverage Technique
Beverage technology

Familiar vitamin “menu” of apples, carrots and oranges is now easy to diversify.InfinyPress Revolution ZU500 allows you to make juice from any vegetables, fruits, berries with pits and even herbs. Pomegranate and raspberry, kiwi and pineapple, tomato and basil – with the new device from Milnex nothing can hold back your imagination! In addition to freshly squeezed juices, the device will allow you to include other dishes in your diet: the kit includes a second filter for making thick smoothies, sauces and even puree soups.

The secret to InfinyPressRevolutionZU500 efficiency is the press method, which allows you to get up to 30% more juice, literally squeezing berries and fruits to the last drop! The drinks are of uniform consistency and retain 75% more antioxidants and 30% more vitamin C.

Beverage Machines
Drinking technique
Beverage technology

The new Moulinex juicer is perfect for everyday use. Want to have berry Tuesdays, veggie Thursdays and smoothie parties on Fridays? The included recipe book is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration.

The bright and compact Infiny PressRevolution ZU500 is easy to use and requires no extra storage space. In addition, the new device works very quietly, so you can not be afraid of waking up your loved ones in the early morning, when you want to make them a little fruit surprise. The incredibly efficient and stylish InfinyPressRevolutionZU500 juicer from Moulinex – a new source of health and pleasure for you and your family!

Price Infiny Press Revolution from Moulinex 11,999 Dollars.

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