Pentax telephoto lens in the legendary star series – HD PENTAX-D FA 70-200mm F2.8ED DC AW

Ricoh Imaging is pleased to introduce a new lens for the K mount, the HD PENTAX-D FA 70-200mm F2.8ED DC AW. The best of both worlds: high image quality, high quality optics, high quality lens coatings and a rugged body. And “full frame” coverage. The optical scheme of the lens allows you to capture images at an aperture of F2.8 across the entire range of focal lengths from 70mm to 200mm. Additionally, the fast lens boasts newly developed Aero Bright Coating II for extremely low reflection and the familiar HD Coating on the Pentax premium lens series – for crisp, high-contrast, reflection and ghost-free images, even in difficult light conditions and backlit conditions. Ultra-low dispersion optics effectively suppress chromatic aberration throughout the entire length of the lens, resulting in sharp, crisp high-definition images in both the center and edges. Outdoor photographers and enthusiasts appreciate the lens’ dust and waterproof exterior, allowing them to capture dramatic natural vignettes and outdoor sports without having to worry about the vagaries of the weather.


F2 maximum aperture.8

HD PENTAX-D FA 70-200mm F2 Telephoto Lens.The 8ED DC AW is a jewel in Pentax’s “legendary” star lineup. Delivers exceptional sharp images with accurate color reproduction and minimal aberrations. In APS-C sized DSLRs, the 35mm lens covers the focal length range from 107mm to 307mm.

And throughout that range, it delivers an aperture of f2.8, making it ideal for shooting distant portraits, scene and sports photography where it’s important to freeze the action quickly and capture the right moment.

Currently, with the current line of SLR cameras, the PENTAX-D FA 70-200mm lens delivers high-resolution images without compromising sharpness in the corners of the frame. Also, it is optimized for full frame K-mount digital cameras where no other lens adjustments are required.

Superb optical performance

The latest development, the Aero Bright Coating II nano-coating, uses the application of a special ultra-low reflective film on the lens, significantly reducing over-reflections from optical surfaces.

Its combination of premium multi-coating such as HD Coating reduces the average reflection in the visible spectrum by more than half compared to conventional multi-coat coatings.

Which, in turn, reduces light loss and artifacts from internal reflection within the lens units, making the subject clearer and more contrasting even in low light conditions.

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In addition, the optical design includes four super-low dispersion elements. Two ED ultra-low dispersion and two Super ED fluorite-like optical properties elements that virtually eliminate light dispersion and improve chromatic aberration compensation throughout the focal-length range.

The result is an image built up by the lens with high clarity and contrast with sharpness across the entire field, compensating for chromatic distortion throughout the entire focal-length range.

Photo equipment

Dustproof, weatherproof design

PENTAX-D FA 70-200mm is marked AW, which means that it is protected from all vagaries of the weather – 13 special gaskets reliably protect the construction of the zoom lens from water, dust, gnawing.

Add a Pentax DSLR and protected flash and you have an excellent, reliable kit for capturing sports, nature, wildlife and wildlife in their natural habitat-no matter what the conditions, whether it’s ocean spray, sandy winds or lingering monsoons.

The latest Quick-Shift three-position focusing system

The lens features Pentax’s latest development, a unique Quick-Shift system that allows the user to instantly switch from autofocus to manual mode when the subject is “in focus. Three-position switching system installed for the first time to optimize this process. It lets you quickly switch between QFS/A, QFS/M and MF.

AF priority mode QFS/A allows the user to switch to manual mode only when the autofocus function is complete – the target is “in focus. Manual focus priority mode makes it possible to focus manually even when autofocus has not yet completed its work.

MF mode lets you instantly switch to manual mode by simply sliding the lens focus ring. Three-position switching focus system lets you focus more precisely, change subjects quickly, and shoot faster and more efficiently overall.

Additional Features

Silent, smooth autofocus operation using the autofocus actuator built into the lens

Rounded aperture diaphragm blades for natural-looking bokeh and beautifully rendering the blur zone of point light sources. The ability to limit autofocus to one of three zones full stroke, 1.2 to 4m, 4m∞

SP coating – Super Protect – to protect the front lens from sand and smudges

A removable lens mount for convenient tripod mounting with a new anti-fall mechanism.


* Pentax’s original nanotechnology-based coating technology for optics. A special aerogel layer is applied to the traditional multi-reflective coating, forming a porous structure on top, which significantly reduces the reflectivity of the entire surface over a wide range of optical waves and creates crisp, bright high-quality images.

** HD stands for High Definition.

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