MyST OrtoPhones overhead headphones: such a barrage and power of sound, as if you were run over by a bulldozer. And not a bit of discomfort!

Today, let’s talk about our advances in headphone engineering. American brand MyST like icebreaker “Lenin” on the expanses of the Arctic, cuts through the crisis in the country and gives out a mountain of new models, this time – overhead headphones MyST OrtoPhones. The release of each new product from this vendor is always an interesting event for me!

Thank you mycroft online for giving me a sample to listen to

Audio equipment

Overhead headphones MyST OrtoPhones


Type of headphones

: Ear coverage

Type of driver

: Orthodynamic 8cm

Number of drivers : 1

Acoustic Design

: Open

Cable type

: MC silver-plated copper

Cable length

: 1.5 m


: 3.5 mm

DC resistance

: 18 Ohm


: 77dB/mW

Maximum power

Power output: 500mW

Maximum sound pressure

100dB at 1kHz


700 grams

Appearance and ergonomics

As in the case with the IzoPhones-30 earphones the package of the novelty is almost absent. Cardboard box, cellophane bag, replaceable cable to connect the headphones to the sound source. On the one hand I want a beautiful box, trinkets, glossy papers – to please the eye too, not only ears. But on the other hand, the frills will hit the prices. Do we need it??

Externally, the Orthophones are reminiscent of the charms of vintage beauty. The massiveness together with the precision of the lines, the slots in the open design, a la the studio microphone of the 60’s, it all looks very cool and haunting…. oh, I’m getting nostalgic!

In general the earphones are heavy like the previous model. 700 grams is not 9 grams… However, 700 grams is better on your head, especially as I used to sit in them 5-7 hours a day without noticeable discomfort. And here I am, alive and well, writing a review… Material headphone aluminum. Cushions are black velour, soft and very comfortable.

Audio equipment


Headphones were connected to MyST DAC 1866OCU V.2. Music material is varied.

MyST OrtoPhones sound is solid, tight, with a slight predominance of the lower register. The bass is clear, rounded, it is served leisurely, but at the same time it always and keeps up with everything. Generally very comfortable sound.

The MyST IzoPhones-30 are more analytical and open, while the OrtoPhones strike with their depth and musicality. While listening to Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare, I felt like I was being run over by a bulldozer, in a virtual sense, of course. Such a barrage and power of sound, a feeling of a double barrel hitting your chest, the roar of guitars… and yet there is not a single discomfort, nothing that cuts your ears and cuts your brain, you just sit and enjoy the fact that this machine grinds you to dust – total flight, an unusual buzz!

Or here’s the next track: you switch to Depeche Mode – it’s no good and instantly get into a fairytale night scene, with neon lights and shimmering sparkles. The feeling that you are dissolving into this nocturnal theatrical production or performance.

And then, in the middle of it, under the spotlight sharply on, there’s Dave Gahan, whose vocals amongst the glittering darkness come through cleanly and gracefully… Every intonation, every breath is conveyed very emotionally, to the point of tears in short…

If the sound of “isophones” is very analytical, clean, even a little cold, then “orthophones” from the first notes strike you with its depth and musicality. And all this depth is achieved not only by the rise in the low-frequency range, but also by a kind of “assertiveness” and warmth throughout the frequency. The headphones hypnotize you, enveloping you with sound and taking you into a world of dreams. As a result we have a dark and high-quality sound, without any major problems.


The bass is slightly overpowered by the rest of the range. The bass has a pretty powerful and tight kick, not bad speed characteristics, but at the same time it is served very comfortably and delicately, without droning and smearing. It absolutely does not interfere with the middle and high frequencies, even on the contrary, clearly contacts it.

The midrange is very detailed, natural, smooth, with excellent resolution. It’s like a perfect diamond with a precise cut, almost no imperfections. And there is no distortion, no sibilants. The vocals are very emotional and heartfelt. Nothing to complain about, it’s great!

The tweeters are clear, precise. They are not scattered in the sand, their presentation is very accurate, unobtrusive and of high quality. At first it seemed to me that the amount of treble is a little less compared with the rest of the frequency range, but after getting to know the ears better it seemed to me that the feeling of some lack of high frequencies is due to the small boost in the low-frequency range. Although, it is possible that the treble is a little less. In any case, the quality of the midrange itself is unquestionable. Anyway, whatever the case, the treble was good for my ears as well.

I want to emphasize that the headphones are excellent for all genres: jazz, folk, rock, electronics or metalcore.


As in the case of IzoPhones, the competitors here are the same. Abyss AB-1266, HiFiMan HE-6 and the top models from Audeze. Prices:

Abyss AB-1266 – $5,495, HiFiMan HE-6 – $1,299, Audeze LCD – $3,945, MyST OrtoPhones – 59 000 Dollars.

Each model has its pros and cons. But it’s nice to know that ours are more profitable, not worse, but in many aspects even better.


The headphones are very cool! With a proper source and amplification they will bring a lot of pleasure from listening to your favorite music. I would recommend them for purchase? Definitely yes. Of course, I myself am thinking about it, but I have not yet decided which model to buy: “Isofons or Orthophones.

If you think of buying these models too, you should consider an amplifier that would be quite powerful to fully reveal the potential of the MyST OrtoPhones. In general, given that we are all different and different tastes do not argue, if possible, before buying always recommend you try on and listen to everything yourself.

Sound, reliability, price, relative to overseas competitors.

Of course, the disadvantages are the weight – a little heavy. Some may not like the look – from the times of the Khrushchev Thaw..


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