Mini review of the VESTFROST VF 466 EB fridge-freezer

The two-chamber refrigerator with bottom arrangement of the freezing chamber.

Advantages: Nice design, power saving, large volume and functionality.

Disadvantages: No beverage dispenser.

Large kitchen appliances


First of all it attracts attention to a large capacity of the device width -70 cm, volume -389 liters .

This fridge-freezer is equipped with the latest innovations: Multi-flow cooling system, Fresh zone, which allows to maintain a constant humidity level for optimal storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring preservation of their useful properties. The fresh zone can be used to store food removed from the freezer to defrost it. If desired, the area can be used to store cheese and butter.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Vacation mode switches the cooling compartment to +12°C, while the freezer compartment operates in the standard -18°C mode. Supercool mode can be used to cool large quantities of food or to prepare them for rapid freezing. Superfreeze in the freezer compartment for quick freezing of, for example, fresh mushrooms or berries with maximum preservation of all their nutritional properties and appearance.

Childproof mode prevents accidental button presses and unscheduled changes of settings.


The fridge has a soft LED backlight and a special sensor inside the fridge compartment, which will automatically turn the light inside the chamber off, if the room is bright enough and turn it on, if the light is insufficient, which will optimize the power consumption.

The laconic digital display will make the refrigerator easy to operate and the sound sensor that the device is equipped with will warn the owners if the door is open for too long.


The elegant Vestfrost VF 466 EB fridge blends well into any kitchen and becomes its true gem.


An economical ECO mode ensures your fridge-freezer operates at the optimum temperature with minimum energy consumption. For fast cooling of the drinks a special timer-type mode is provided. The fridge compartment is also equipped with a convenient wine shelf. Transformable fresh zone is suitable for both storage and defrosting of food, you just need to turn on the appropriate mode.


DIMENSIONS: 187,5×70,0x63,0 cm.

VOLUME: total/useful capacity: 389/357 l, fridge compartment: 285/260 l, freezer compartment: 104/97 l.

Energy efficiency class A+, climate class N-ST.

FROSTING CHAMBER: NoFrost system, fast freezing function superfreeze , 3 transparent plastic boxes, ice tray, 2 ice accumulators inside door pocket, freezing power 12 kg/day, period of keeping cold up to 24 hours in power-off mode.

COOLING: NoFrost system, optional drinks cooling, ECO mode, Holiday mode, fast cooling supercool , child lock, Multi-flow cooling system, LED illumination, 3 shelves made of impact-resistant tempered glass, 2 vegetable drawers, 4 door shelves, wine rack, egg rack.

FRESH ZONE: a humidity-controlled Fresh zone.

CONTROL: electronic with digital display.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 compressor, R600a refrigerant, noise level – 45 dB, door hinge.

COLOUR: metallic beige.

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