Vestfrost: Freezing without compromise – VF 391 HNF freezer

Many hoarders regularly face the lack of freezer space in the freezer compartment of their refrigerator. This is a particularly urgent problem in summer when you want to freeze the harvested vegetables, berries and mushrooms, but these supplies simply do not fit into a standard freezer. There’s usually enough to go around without. In this situation the modern and reliable Vestfrost VF 391 HNF freezer comes to the aid of country dwellers and large families with its 265 liter capacity!

Huge appliances for the kitchen

The Vestfrost VF 391 HNF standalone freezer not only has a huge storage capacity, but also many additional features. No Frost appliances prevent frosting on the walls and don’t require regular defrosting. The model allows you to maintain a temperature below -18°C, at which the food can be stored for 6 to 12 months. And Super Freeze system will help to prepare mushrooms and berries for long-term storage so that after half a year they will look like fresh from the forest – a real gem for those, who want to enjoy organic food in winter. In addition, fully electronic control will certainly please fans of “smart” technology: the touch screen display shows the modes of operation and temperature, which, if desired, can be easily adjusted.

The Vestfrost VF 391 HNF freezer is the epitome of the Danish company’s approach to design. Nothing in its silver glitter distracts


A focus on minimalism and clean lines. Such laconism, more characteristic of high-tech style, is in the focus: the model will fit organically into almost any kitchen or even a corridor, where it will be an integral element of the interior.

What’s inside? Everything is made for maximum ease of use: transparent containers make it easy to find the right products, there are special forms for ice, and to put large pieces of meat or fish, two shelves have convenient hinged lids.

Thinking about the purchase of a separate freezer, practical people will not forget to pay attention to the electricity consumption. Their demanding taste Vestfrost VF 391 HNF freezer will easily satisfy here, because it has high energy efficiency class A and is even able to consume up to 9.5 hours of keeping a low temperature when the power is completely off. Now there’s no threat to your summer stores!

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