Mini review of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350 compact camera

In addition to powerful and expensive cameras in the line of Swear-shot has enough interesting models of the average level. The WX350 is a new amateur model that combines ease of operation under the watchful eye of smart automation with a good set of features that provide ample quality results and a wide range of subjects.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX350 compact camera

18.2MP 25-500mm 20x 3” $320

The sensor may be small but it’s low-light and fast. The camera has several “night” modes that use the high performance of the sensor and processor to get the most detailed shots, whether portrait or landscape. Since not only lack but also too much light can adversely affect the result, the developers have not forgotten to add various functions to optimize contrast and brightness, including an automatic HDR-image gluing mode from three different exposures.

A lens with a 30x zoom lens can practically handle almost any scene with the right approach. Continuous shooting at 10 fps at full resolution will not be an obstacle for the photographer if he wants to capture dynamic scenes. High-capacity battery and power-saving electronics are unlikely to cause unexpected end of shooting due to an unexpected discharge. With a claimed battery life of 500 shots, the WX350 is one of the longest-lasting compacts.

The mass outfitting of Cyber-shot devices with an opportunity to download specialized applications PlayMemories via Wi-Fi has not passed over this model as well, despite its clear amateur orientation. It would be strange if a leading manufacturer of electronics would forget to add to a modern camera equipped with wireless communication, NFC-chip. So it’s here, too.

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