Mini review of Krausen Peusaetto Luxe ironing system

Ironing system combines steam generator, iron and ironing board, giving them a common control and power supply. Trite as it may seem, the systems are equipped with the latest technology, and ironing with them is a pleasure.

Mini review of Krausen Perfetto Luxe ironing system krausen_perfetto_luxe_1_op

The Krausen Perfetto Luxe ironing system


FUNCTIONS: dry ironing, ironing with steam, vertical steaming.

Steam: 3,5 bar max 5 bar , continuous steam 80 g/min.

TARGET: stainless steel, optional non-stick.

FLOORING: suction, blowing, heating function 60 degrees Celsius .

POWER: iron – 0,85 kW, boiler – 1,2 kW, the board – 0,2 kW.

CONTROL: Select temperature, steam power, indication of steam availability, lack of water.

SAFETY: automatic shutdown.

CONSTRUCTION: water tank 0,9 l.

INGREDIENTS: iron, vertical steamer-brush, spot cleaning nozzle, ionizer bottle, coat hanger, board cover, rubber cover on the iron, steam line holder, power cord holder, accessory bag.

SIZES: 1310x970x500mm, folded 500x140x1310mm, ironing board 1050x480mm.

WEIGHT: 12 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.

PRICE: 33 000 Dollars.

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