FashionMaster ironing system: steam and ironing – there will be grace with Miele

On May 30th Miele presented FashionMaster ironing system, the unique device which guarantees excellent ironing results with minimum effort and makes irreplaceable aid in ironing your closet. Whether it’s silk blouses, linen jackets or complicated embroidery and prints – the FashionMaster gets it done in record time.

Steam Station Ironers

Ironing system in operating position.

FashionMaster is ironing table, iron and steam generator united in one very simple, comfortable and compact device. The design of the new product deserves special attention. The FashionMaster ironing system when flat folded is incredibly elegant and space saving. The various accessories have their own storage compartments: the cables and everything else is safely ‘hidden’ inside the ironing system.

FashionMaster ironing system embodies the innovative technologies already proven in Miele washing machines: the iron has a honeycomb soleplate, thanks to which the steam is instantly distributed through small channels between the honeycombs. This gives the iron a steam layer on the soleplate, so the iron glides over the garments with ease and all creases are effectively smoothed out.

This technology received European Patent EP 2233632A1. The iron also has an extra non-stick soleplate that protects against shiny marks on dark clothes and is also great for ironing clothes with appliqués, sequins, sequins and prints. The non-stick coating allows you to iron these things without even turning them inside out.

FashionMaster also effectively copes with folds and creases on jackets, dresses and curtains with a special vertical steamer. It’s half the weight of an iron, and can be used even when the system is folded. The steamer has no hot soleplate, but generates steam in the same amount and at the same pressure as the iron. The necessary distance between ironer and garment is assured by a practical bristle brush attachment.

FashionMaster system offers a large ironing table size 120×40 cm with a Comfort zone, which allows you to iron the floors of blouses and shirts without the formation of additional folds. Thanks to the special gas spring, the ironing table can be adjusted steplessly from 83-102 cm so it adapts to almost any height.

Steam extraction function in the table ensures targeted steam penetration into fabric fibers and prevents condensation. The clothes are pressed flat on the ironing table, held in position to avoid slipping.


Like a complete ironing system

The air cushion between ironing table and garment by means of a special fan ensures that flounces, fringes and delicate cashmere take their natural shape and are flattened in the air. Also avoids squeezed seams.

Thanks to the patented 2-step folding mechanism you can be quickly folded in 2 steps. Unlocking and lifting the ironing table out of the horizontal position is also very easy. The system is incredibly stable when folded, and can be placed almost anywhere. Easy to move, thanks to special rollers which do not damage the floor surface.

CoolDown feature automatically turns the iron off when not in use for more than 3 minutes. The Auto-Off function automatically switches the entire ironing system off if the iron and steamer are not used for 15 minutes.

The FashionMaster also has an automatic limescale cleaning function. LED light informs you when it is time to clean. You just need to set the water hardness once, and if necessary, use a special Miele descaler for ironing systems.

Hardware for the home

All those different clothes easily ironed with the Miele system

Hardware for the home

Valentina Nikolaeva, product manager of the company Miele tells about the FashionMaster.


You don’t need to Dollars the iron against the material: the steam does most of the work.


Mode switch on board – bright and beautiful display.

Home Appliances

A special ironing nozzle for ironing thin fabrics can be slipped easily onto the iron soleplate


Even lace can be easily ironed – you can see the steam in the photo.

Home appliances

Change fabrics – iron in peace.

Home Appliances

FashionMaster easily irons tough fabrics.

Home appliances

The steamer attachment for vertical ironing.

Hardware for your home

This is how you can iron a jacket without taking it off the shoulders.

Steam Station Irons

This is where the iron is put away after work.

Home Appliances

FashionMaster ready for new heights.

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