Millet porridge: you can’t go anywhere, you’ll fall in love and… eat it!

Cooking millet porridge with milk in a saucepan is less than average: it takes a long time to boil the millet… You have to make sure that the milk does not run away and the porridge does not stick, adjust the heat intensity and stir, stir, stir.

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Milk porridge

In addition, millet porridge should properly “stew”, that is, to stand, swell and become softer and tastier. For this, the pot with the porridge is either put to simmer in the oven, or wrapped in newspapers and blankets – the old-fashioned way. We made porridge according to the manufacturer’s recipe, but we doubled the quantity of ingredients: we took not 1, but 2 multicups of grits and not 5, but 10 multicups of liquid. We were a little worried: the bowl is not 5, but 4 liters, and the porridge is milky… That would be enough volume and the milk would not escape… But everything was going great – after 25 minutes the readiness signal went off and the pressure was dropping for 11 minutes more. We add oil and close the lid again, and leave the porridge to simmer overnight. The result – the softest and tenderest porridge, which was gladly eaten even by children, who usually do not like millet.

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