Fashionable – speed and health, modernity and naturalness, taste and usefulness. It’s not easy to combine these different aspirations and get close to the ideal, but Miele engineers pulled it off. The company offers a new premium combination built-in appliance which uses the power of steam and microwaves to let you enjoy great food cooked in minutes.

Fully integrated appliances

MIELE DGM 6800 steamer


The undoubted favorites among the premium built-in appliances are ovens and coffee makers, but then comes the controversy. Children beg for popcorn and suffer without fast food warming up right on their plates, parents dream of tasty food which is good for picky eaters but good for their health. Before you had to choose: microwave or steam cooker. No need to compromise: the MIELE DGM 6800 is a steamer with microwave function.


The MIELE DGM 6800 combines two appliances in one.

Expecting to steam cook? You simply pour the tap water into the large cooking tray and place it in the dishwasher. You put the prepared food into the container, set the program, time – and that’s it. The powerful MultiSteam steam generator 3.3 kW dispenses steam into the cooking cabinet through eight holes, quickly and evenly distributing it throughout the interior.

The beep sounds after a set time – your food is ready.

Need microwave oven? You put food in the oven, switch on the Quick Start or select one of the 7 microwave power levels, set the cooking time. Then the buzzer sounds to let you know it’s done.

But the interesting thing about the MIELE DGM 6800 is that you can combine the steam and microwave modes. The result: unlimited possibilities for preparing a wide variety of dishes, with all the effects on the food.

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Steam cooking mode

Water tank capacity: max 1.5 l, 0,5 l.

Cooking time: from 1 minute. For up to 10 hours.

Temperature up to 100°C.

If you run out of water in the process, you will hear a beep and the display will remind you to refill the water.

Microwave mode

Power: 1000 W/850 W/600 W/450 W/300 W/150 W/80 W.

Fast start 1000 W, 1 minute .

Popcorn 850 Watt, 2.45 min . .

Automatic programs

Groups – Vegetables, Fish, Meat, Soups/Antiphets, Rice/Grits, Dough, Pulses, Chicken Eggs, Desserts, Fruit, Mushrooms, Sausages, Crustaceans, Shellfish.

Special programs

For both steam cooking and microwave defrost, reheat .

For steam cooking – blanching, preserving, sterilising pots and pans, raising dough, cooking yoghurt, melting bacon, etc.d.

Combined steam and microwave modes for defrosting and heating.

MyMiele personal programs.

Create and save up to 20 cooking programs. You can combine up to 10 cooking steps.

As you can see from the list of features, the MIELE DGM 6800 is more than capable of performing any cooking task. You don’t even have to make up your own mind at first: the memory contains so many preset recipes that you won’t cook them all in a few years!

At least 20 to 30 recipes in each category. Search for what you need by the name of both the food category and the name of the automatic program. For example, you type in “fish” – the display gives you lots of options – choose the one you want, then follow the instructions. Because every recipe has been tested by the company’s experts, you’re in for some amazing restaurant-quality dishes. And it doesn’t take an enormous amount of effort or employ a professional chef – the MIELE DGM 6800 replaces them completely.

If you are an experienced cook, you have unlimited creative possibilities. After all, you can create and save 20 of your signature dishes. You don’t just create a general program, but a step-by-step detailed recipe, broken down into 10 different steps. You can set the temperature and the cooking time for each step, you can combine steam power with microwave power – in short, MIELE will fulfil your every wish.

A variety of special programs allow you to quickly and easily perform a variety of actions: sterilize jars, “lift” dough, melt honey, chocolate, butter, cook yogurt. The best thing is that you can choose how you want to sterilize: You can sterilize with either steam or microwaves.

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Operation of such a complex device is as simple and convenient as the iPhones. M Touch technology. All the information is displayed on a TFT touch screen which is divided into three active zones. The upper and lower ones are narrow and auxiliary and show the current time, the alarm and timer indicators, the right/left arrows, etc.d.

All actual information is concentrated in the central area of the display – you can scroll through the current menu items by swiping your finger across the display. Actually, explaining how it works is much more complicated than operating the appliance. Everything is intuitive and easy to use for people who successfully use smartphones and tablets. And if you’re not quite up to it, you can activate the “help” function with explanatory texts and drawings to help you.

Touch sensitive buttons at the touch of a finger. Each touch is acknowledged by an acoustic signal, which can be muted or reduced if required.

Naturally, there is a start-up lock and a button lock, which protects the appliance from accidental activation and from curious children’s fingers.

For your convenience there is a timer and/or a warning signal. Especially good is the fact that all the buzzers can be turned off or adjust their volume if desired, an option that many fans of quiet at home will surely appreciate. The oven light can be turned on and off to make it easier to see everything inside the oven.


For steam cooking, the kit includes:

1 glass condensation tray,

2 non-perforated containers with capacity of 4,1 l/2 liters,

2 perforated containers with 2 liter capacity,

1 grid for placing your own cookware.

Miele recipe book.


Maximum thoughtfulness. Automatic descaling programs are available. Naturally, the steamer warns the owners in advance about the necessity of this procedure: the corresponding indication appears on the display. The manufacturer recommends you can purchase special MIELE tablets for cleaning from any Authorised Service Centre.

Built-in appliances
Built-in appliances
Built-in appliances


MIELE DGM 6800 was developed by the company’s engineers who studied several mutually exclusive problems and found very interesting solutions, which allowed to combine seemingly incompatible things.

MIELE oven cavities are always made of stainless steel, to ensure maximum longevity and durability. Microwave waves do not like metal, because it can provoke fires and the formation of sparks. With the help of… silicone. Specially designed joints seal the stainless steel walls of the cooking cabinet.

Secondly, the appliance door must be designed so as to maximize the preservation of steam and at the same time prevent the escape of microwaves.

Created to fit into 45cm high alcoves.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PureLine Design

In the PureLine special emphasis is placed on using less material. Devices fit harmoniously into the interior, bringing it a note of modernity. An abundance of glass elements for a feeling of peace and quiet. The horizontal stainless steel elements and the monolithic handles, which seem to hover on the glass, are a special feature.

Like all appliances in this range, the MIELE DGM 6800 is available in four colors: CleanSteel stainless steel, Obsidian Black Obsidian, Brilliant White Diamond White and Havana Brown Havana.

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