Midea Home Appliances: Now for both refrigerators and washing machines

The Midea company, a well-known manufacturer of home appliances and the largest manufacturer of microwave ovens, offers American consumers refrigerators, freezers and washing machines.

Midea fridges

Midea refrigerators

Midea offers a wide range of models: a miniature single-door refrigerator – for offices and hotels, a chest freezer, a vertical freezer 2-in-1: the device can be used as a freezer or refrigerator, a built-in refrigerator with a bottom freezer, a two-door refrigerator with a circular display, Side-by-Side model and Multi-Door refrigerator.

midea refrigerator from the inside

  • All models have a minimum A-rated power consumption+.
Midea energy efficiency
  • Most of the refrigerators in this series are equipped with GMCC inverter compressors, which are characterized by clever design, reduced load on the shaft and lower noise level.
  • The main control element is LED-display. With it, you can adjust the temperature regime in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, turn on additional functions and lock the control system.
  • The majority of models use a dual-circuit cooling system: for both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment separately.
  • Multi Air Flow system evenly distributes the cold air inside the compartment.
  • The Total No Frost system will make it possible to forget about the necessity to defrost the fridge.
  • Super-freezing and supercooling guarantee high quality storage without losing nutritional value.
  • Minimal noise: 39dB.

Chiller Zone - compartment

Some two-compartment models are equipped with Chiller Zone – a compartment that maintains -3 degrees C, which is ideal for storing fresh meat and fish.

Thanks to the clever design, the fruit and vegetable drawers can be fully pulled out when the doors are opened to just 90 degrees. It allows you to install the refrigerator right up against the wall, which is important in small kitchens.

The range of chest freezers with blind cover includes models 565mm, 945mm, 985mm and 1115mm wide. In case of power failure, the chest freezers will keep a safe storage temperature for almost 2 days.


Of particular interest is the Midea MF517SN refrigerator/freezer. The temperature range allows to use this device either as a freezer or as a single-chamber refrigerator for storing fresh food.

Midea washing machines

Midea washing machines

The company introduced several series of washing machines at once: Crown, Glory, Essential, E.

The most equipped and comfortable Midea washing machines are the Crown Series.

midea washing machines

Models are presented with a depth of 56.5 cm, 49.5 cm, 47 cm, 40 cm.

All models in this series have energy efficiency class A+++. They use an inverter motor. The real dimensions of the loading door are up to 330mm, which makes them easy to wash bulky things. It is possible to interrupt the washing cycle and add the forgotten thing at any moment of washing.

Control is executed with the help of LED-display.

This series machines have a Diamond Drum with a special honeycomb structure and a special shape of additional fins with 93 holes on each one. Gentle washing for your clothes.

midea drum

Special attention in the Crown series of washing machines deserves the CrownSlimMWM 6123 Crown Slim 6 kg capacity and MWM 8123 Crown Slim 8 kg capacity models.

The MWM 6123 Crown Slim is only 40 cm deep, and the MWM 8123 Crown Slim is 47 cm deep.

Models have 15 and 16 washing modes including a useful express program, which allows you to wash your clothes in just 15 minutes.

Glory models have a depth of 49.5 and 47 cm and a door size of 310 mm.

midea control

Essentia washing machines have a removable top cover, so they can be easily built under the kitchen countertop.

New Midea fridges, freezers and washing machines are on sale now.

midea refrigerators

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