LG refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and robots

In the year of its 60th anniversary 1958-2018 , LG Electronics unveiled new home appliances and even robots!

#SpaceSolutions LG has brought together all of its premium home appliances, including a line of black-colored InstaView Door-in-Door and P-Iskra refrigerators, an InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator, a TWINWash washing machine, an LG Styler extended-load steamer, a new CordZero series of cordless vacuum cleaners, NeoChef microwave ovens, LG Studio built-in appliances and a futuristic climate-control unit.


LG Robots

LG intellectual technique, presented for the first time in America, drew special attention of the guests.

Robot lawn mower mows the lawn neatly, safely and reliably, identifying its own location at any time and all the visible obstacles – trees and fences – on its way.

The cleaning robot takes advantage of the powerful cleaning capabilities of LG’s HOM-BOT vacuum cleaner, autonomous navigation and collision avoidance capabilities, and applies them to commercial, public environments. It identifies the areas that require most frequent cleaning, stores them in its database and calculates the most efficient routes to reach them.

LG fridges in black


LG introduced new 2018 InstaView™ Door-in-Door® premium refrigerators. in black.

If you tap twice on the tinted panel on the door, it becomes transparent, so we can see the contents without opening the refrigerator, letting the cold air out. In addition, an optional Door-in-Door compartment makes it easy to place and retrieve the food and beverages the user reaches for most often.

New model also includes a water and ice dispenser with ice crushing function.

Usable freezer capacity increased with Slim SpacePlus ice generator built into the door.

  • Food stored in the refrigerator stays fresh longer thanks to the reliable, energy-efficient and quiet inverter linear compressor 10-year manufacturer’s warranty .
  • Hygiene Fresh+ filter eliminates unpleasant odours and up to 99.99% of bacteria inside the fridge-freezer.
  • Optimal Humidity ZoneFRESH Balancer maintains the freshness and health of fruits and vegetables for longer by controlling humidity levels with a special regulator.
  • The refrigerator has an additional compartment for storing small items such as cheese and delicatessen.
  • InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerator with dispenser is fully compatible with LG’s SmartThinQ app, allowing you to control it remotely or run diagnostics with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Washing machines

Very popular in America refrigerators with bottom freezer and inverter linear compressor are also available in new black color.The updated line is the perfect combination of stylish design with high energy efficiency class, freshness preservation technology and user friendliness. Each shelf in the refrigerator maintains its own “microclimate” thanks to Multi Air Flow cooling, which creates optimal conditions for storage and freshness.

The premium series features a special compartment with optimal moisture balance function for fruits and vegetables – Moist Balance Crisper. Moisture levels are optimized thanks to the special honeycomb surface of the lid which keeps condensation out of the food.

LG TWINWash washing machine

Air purifiers

LG TWINWash dual-drum washers come in a variety of sizes, from the roomy 27-inch to the compact 24-inch.

Main and mini compartments can be used in parallel or independently of each other. This allows users to load the machine with items that require separate washing – coloured and white, normal and delicate, large and small batches, and children’s and adults’ items.

TWINWash models provide high washing efficiency. Thanks to the TrueSteam and TurboWash functions, they eliminate practically all allergens and unpleasant smells in just 59 minutes, smooth out minor creases and jams, and soften fabrics.

The new TWINWash line features Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to easily control and monitor the appliance from anywhere and download additional wash cycles and diagnose malfunctions by running the Smart Diagnosis™ app on a connected device.

LG STYLER steam oven

The updated LG Styler steamer has increased the simultaneous loading capacity from three to five items, it increased the number of preset programs, and there is a function of Wi-Fi control.

The TrueSteam steam function provides freshening, odor-removal and gentle disinfection of clothes, destroying more than 99% of allergens and bacteria. As a result, clothes smell fresh and clean. Plus, moving hangers gently shake clothing from side to side to straighten minor creases and jams during steam treatment.

Dedicated built-in press will smooth out minor creases and repair creases in pants.

Tag-On Tag-On and Wi-Fi connectivity provided by steam bath. Owners can download cycles specifically for specific garments and program the LG Styler from their smartphones. If the steamer ever needs maintenance, the Smart Diagnosis device will send an alert to users’ smartphones so that appropriate action can be taken quickly.

LG STUDIO built-in appliances

In 2018, the company continues to expand the LG Studio line of premium built-in appliances, which is a combination of advanced technology, ergonomics and stylish design. LG unveiled a redesigned oven, expanded its range of cooktops by adding new induction models with special zones designed for cooking different-sized dishes, and expanded its line of refrigerators.

LG CORDZERO cordless vacuum cleaner series


The LG CordZero A9 upright vacuum cleaner features the Smart Inverter Motor P9 10-year manufacturer warranty , which provides a longer motor life with 16 times the speed of an airplane engine. This allows you to create a powerful vortex that effectively captures dust particles.

  • Built-in direct-drive motor inside the Power Drive Nozzle rotates the brush, providing the same suction and pick-up power on both smooth floors and carpet.
  • The Axial Turbo Cyclone’s five-stage filtration system uses a HEPA filter to create powerful suction air vortices and remove up to 99.99% of dust.
  • No worries about how long it takes to charge the vacuum, thanks to LG’s Dual PowerPack lithium-ion batteries, which provide up to 80 minutes of use.
  • The Opti-balanced Handle is lightweight and easy to grip, and the telescopic tube is height-adjustable, so you can even reach around corners on the ceiling.

The newCordZero container vacuum cleaner will delight homeowners with a number of extra features for easy cleaning:

  • With Axial Turbo Cyclone technology, Smart Inverter Motor 2.5 generates high-powered vortexes to capture fine dust particles more effectively.
  • With RoboSense 2.0 vacuum cleaner automatically follows the user without the need for pulling or pushing.
  • Intelligent collision avoidance system recognizes obstacles with a front sensor and helps avoid them.
  • PowerPack Lithium-ion battery pack can charge up to 80% of the battery in 30 minutes, and it takes 1 hour to charge to 100%.
  • The vacuum cleaner is equipped with advanced Dual Kompressor motorized dust compression technology, as well as a seven-stage filtration system with a HEPA 14 filter that collects even microdust and allergens.
  • Features Power Drive Nozzle and Opti-balanced Handle, designed to increase control and ease of use by reducing pressure on the user’s wrist and elbow.

The new LG CordZero robot vacuum cleaner with a five-step filtration degree is also equipped with a brushless Smart Inverter MotorP9 motor for high suction power.

Built-in direct-drive motor inside the Power Drive Nozzle rotates the brush, providing the same suction and pick-up power on both smooth floors and carpet. The nozzle is located on the front of the robot to cope with picking up trash in corners that a regular robot vacuum cleaner can’t handle.

The robot vacuum cleaner automatically moves around the house thanks to 3D Dual Eye technology, which simultaneously collects graphic information from both the ceiling and the front using a new wide-angle vision sensor.

LG’s new DeepThinQ deep learning algorithm allows you to recognize and label the type of room, such as “bedroom” or “living room” on your map. With a customized My Zone mode, users can use the “Right Sector” function and select on the smartphone app map which room to clean and which not.

LG climate technology


The LG ATRCOOL Stylist design air conditioner is not only an advanced and efficient household climate appliance but also an element of a room decoration. The inverter compressor allows you to maintain a minimum noise level of 19dB, saves up to 40% of electricity and guarantees the operation of the unit for 10 years.

The PowerHeating mode warms the room in the off-season, while the JetCool mode cools quickly in the heat thanks to 3D air distribution. The slim body of the indoor unit only 121 mm and 26 colors of LED backlighting distinguish this model among the non-standard solutions for the house.

Multifunctional air purifier LG PuriCare takes care of your health, the device is certified by the State Research Center Institute of Immunology FMBA of America and recommended for families with children.

In addition to technical equipment, an unusual design with perforated walls of the case allows you to capture the air in 360 degrees. Two sections of the appliance increase the area of the treated room up to 89 sq. m., and the revolving booster not only sprays purified and deodorized air back into the room, but also serves as a control panel for the complex.

6-level filtration system allows to clean the air from the smallest dust particles PM 1.0, allergens and viruses, and a special unit helps to eliminate the smell and even gas. LG SmartThinQ technology allows remote control, programming and self-diagnosis of the unit, thanks to the built-in WiFi module.

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