BEKO washing machines: white appliances on Red Square

The most incredible presentation of home appliances took place this Saturday, June 1. On Red Square near Mausoleum B.i. A five-meter-high washing machine towered over Lenin St., and next to it dozens of people wanted to throw a ball into a basketball hoop.

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There has never been anything like this on Red Square before.

This is how within the framework of the “IX Military Sports Forum TRP” organized by the Military Sports Fund together with the Department of Physical Education and Sport of New York with the participation of the American State Military Historical and Cultural Center under the Government of American Federation as well as the American Martial Arts Union, BEKO company presented its new washing machines.

Beko company was the only commercial entity invited to participate in the forum. All other participants represented the nation’s sports public institutions.

During the presentation, Maria Shatskaya, Head of Marketing Communications Group, spoke in detail about the functions and distinctive features of the new model WKY 61031 MW 2.

The new A/A/C washing machine is equipped with unique washing programs: a special sports program to refresh your clothes in just 14 minutes, and a delicate program for woollens, Woolmark Apparel Care Silver. The new model will be available in several modifications: they will differ in the presence of display, color of the hatch, heating Hi-tech element. Everyone will be able to choose the modification according to their needs and wishes. The packages will differ in price, the initial price of 12,990 r.

The WKY 61031 MW 2 model will be equipped with a digital display. Washing capacity is 6 kg, spin speed 1000. Compact machine 84h60h45 with a stylish white-silver door will fit into any interior. 15 programs to wash almost any kind of clothes

From the point of view of safety, there are also additional functions: child protection, electronic imbalance control, which controls the even distribution of laundry in the drum, and automatic water level control. In addition, the additional functions, according to the representative of the company, will greatly facilitate the household. The machine is equipped with the modes “Soak”, “Fast Wash”, “Remove pet hair”, as well as the possibility of continuously adjusting the spin.

Home Appliances

General view of the Forum.


Did you play basketball at the Mausoleum??


Washing machines

Here it is, the new BEKO model


Models differ in design of the hatch.

Washing machines

This is the color of the switch.

Home Appliances

Key features, including the Woolmark Apparel Care Silver icon – delicate wool washing.

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