Mabe vertical machines: both fluff and feather

Many fashionable women deny themselves the pleasure of wearing light and beautifully tailored down coats and jackets just because after the first wash their attractiveness is irrevocably lost. Mabe, a company that always thinks about customer comfort and convenience, has corrected this unfortunate misunderstanding! Now among the vertical washing machines of the average price segment there are models with the function “fluff.

A long coat or two cropped jackets can be refreshed at the same time. In this case, the down or feather padding will not be wrinkled, and things will continue to be warm and look like new. Experts also advise when washing down jackets, put three tennis balls in the drum of the machine. This way the spinning process will be more even. Sports equipment can also help with drying, if such function is provided by the functionality of the device.

Gabe will now have the MWT2-3710, MWT2-E612, MWT2-E610, and the only upright washing machine with dryer on the market, the MWD1-T612.

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