LG SIGNATURE became a partner of PinWin contest

New York, September 4, 2017.- The new premium brand LG SIGNATURE and the unique online platform for contests PinWin offer the designers to create the projects of apartments and country houses by integrating the LG SIGNATURE products into them.

Audio Equipment

Built-in appliances

The new premium brand LG SIGNATURE

Partner of the contest is the new premium brand LG SIGNATURE, which stays true to the ideals of perfection and creates a qualitatively new perception of life for the most demanding audience. All products have a special brand identity. LG SIGNATURE is a combination of meaningful innovation and timeless aesthetics, defining a new lifestyle. The main principle is to keep the essence of each product and bring it from the idea to a perfect implementation. The best specialists were working on each LG SIGNATURE product, perfecting every detail. Technology brings new experiences to everyday life. LG SIGNATURE offers new solutions, new experiences and new horizons.

To participate in the contest, you must submit a project to the Organizing Committee of the award until November 30, 2017, which will reflect interesting and non-standard solutions to the given requirements of the nomination, as well as at least 5 photo images of the project.

The competition accepts completed projects of apartments or country houses, with an area of 150 sq.m, with 3D integration of at least 3 LG SIGNATURE products TV, refrigerator, washing machine, climate system .

Voting will take place in 2 stages. In the first of all the works submitted for the contest the work with the maximum number of “likes” is chosen via online voting every week. The second phase involves expert voting, in which a panel of judges determines the winner from the top-ranked entries. Learn more at /data/away/6fb50ea1c3669950e1d80481a3ef3411/

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