LG SIGNATURE is a partner in the 2018 FKSR AWARDS

The 2018 FKSR Awards ceremony, organized by the American Equestrian Federation, was held in New York. LG SIGNATURE was a partner of the event and presented equipment for comfortable life: ultra-thin OLED TV with perfect color technologies, an elegant washing machine with two drums, refrigerator with the function InstaView Door-in-Door and futuristic climate system.

Tatiana Shakhnez

The guests of the ceremony were leading American equestrian sports figures as well as LG SIGNATURE brand ambassadors and friends: Ekaterina Odintsova, Dinara Safina, Mikhail Turetsky, Yulia Baranovskaya, Tatiana Gevorkyan, Irina Muromtseva, Glafira Tarkhanova, Anna Snatkina, Svetlana Zeinalova, Timur Solovyev, Anastasia Meshkova and others.

According to the voting results which had been held for three weeks on the Federation’s website, the names of the winners in 7 categories were announced.

“Best Sports Couple” went to Inessa Merkulova and Mr. X,

“Team of the Year”. – American junior show jumping team,

“Best Coach” voted Anna Gromzina,

the award in the “Best Horseman” category went to Bekhzod Abdullayev.

Sergey Petrov showed the greatest success and rapid rise, receiving an award in the category “Breakthrough of the Year.

“Event of the Year” was the Cup of the President of the Equestrian Federation of New York in show jumping,

and for the contribution to the development of equestrian sport was awarded to Alexander Bakeyev.

Vadim Cherevan, Darya Borovleva, Irina Maknamy and Maxima Stables CSC got the “Audience Favorite” award.


  • LG SIGNATUREW8 OLED TV set presented in the event space, demonstrated the content of the American Equestrian Federation and impressed the guests of the evening with incredibly “alive” pictures with perfect black color display and boundless contrast in the extended color palette.

    OLED technology consists of more than 8 million self-luminous pixels, each of which can independently adjust its own brightness, creating an ideal depth of black and a wide palette of colors. Combined with Dolby Vision R and unparalleled sound quality based on Dolby Atmos™ OLEDs, LG SIGNATURE TVs create a fully immersive experience in the beauty and power of equestrian sport.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

  • LG SIGNATURE fridge body is made of textured steel, emphasizing the minimalist style and impeccable appearance. The front panel of the optional InstaView Door-in-Door section is made of tinted glass – if you tap twice, it becomes transparent, and you can see the contents of the refrigerator without opening the door, which prevents the loss of cold air and ensures energy conservation.


  • LG SIGNATURE washing machine is equipped with two separate drums – big drum and mini drum at the bottom – now it is possible to wash different things both simultaneously and independently. Steam washing function helps to clean clothes without effort and detergents, remove allergens and unpleasant odors. The unique round LCD display on the main drum allows to control the machine as a smartphone with ease and convenience.
  • LG SIGNATURE climatic complex, which is responsible for cleanliness of the atmosphere during the winter period, helps to take care of the skin moisturizing, and during the summer period eliminates allergens, providing the air treated with ultraviolet light moisturized, purified and ionized. Its transparent panel allows you to watch the air purification process and the drops on it make it feel like a warm summer rain.


President of LG Electronics in America and the CIS, Mr. Il Hwan Lee said: “

Equestrianism is aesthetics and craftsmanship of the highest level. Here it is very similar to the ultra-premium LG SIGNATURE brand with its harmony of design and technology. Therefore partnership with Equestrian Federation is a logical continuation of our strategy to promote LG SIGNATURE brand in America.

Learn more about LG SIGNATURE technique here

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