Inductive charging system: rechargeable batteries with wireless charging technology from Bosch in the 10.8 V class

The award-winning Bosch wireless charging system is now complemented by the compact, high-performance GBA 10.8 V 2.5 AH OW-B Professional battery pack with a capacity of 2.5 Ah. Professionals are able to use the advantages of inductive charging for the first time in the 10.8V tool class. Like the 18-volt tools, they are charged with every contact with the wireless charger and thus always ready for use.

At the same time, the charging bases are more robust than conventional chargers: Due to the lack of contact points they are insensitive to moisture, dust and dirt. In addition to the fixed frame solution, which can be mounted on workbenches, shelves or worktops, mobile solutions, such as the Wireless Charging L-BOXX Bay, are now also available for the 10.8 V class. With the matching insert set, the 10.8 V batteries can be charged directly in the L-BOXX box on the way to the job site.


More Performance, Easier Planning

By charging the batteries while on the move, technicians are able to use their working time even more effectively. You no longer need to make sure that all batteries are charged before you start working. That makes planning easier and saves time: with the Wireless Charging L-BOXX Bay, a 2.5 Ah battery can be charged up to 80% in 40-70 minutes depending on vehicle type .

In addition, the simultaneous charging of two batteries enables long working hours in the field. This allows pro-professionals to work without interruption, for example on demanding, time-consuming tasks. For example, with the GSR 10.8 V-EC Professional Drill Driver with a fully-charged battery pack, up to 1,000 4 x 40 mm screws can be driven into soft wood.

The GKS 10.8 V-LI Professional circular saw can cut 18 mm thick MDF boards up to 25 m with one battery charge, the GST 10.8 V-LI Professional jigsaw saw up to 7.5 m in 24 mm thick soft wood. Charging takes place via 12 V plug in the vehicle. The voltage converter included in the system ensures the correct energy transfer to the charging base.

The mobile charging base can also be connected to a 220 V plug socket. The Wireless Charging Car Charger is the ideal solution for inductive charging of your vehicle battery where space is limited. Its size corresponds to a stationary charging base, i.e. e. Only 17 x 12 cm, but there is also a 12V socket. The wireless charging system has convinced the professional world: it has won several awards, including the Plus X Award in the category “Best Product – 2015-2016”. The Bosch brand was awarded the title “Most Innovative Brand 2015” in the “Tools” category.


The 10.8 V batteries are compatible with the previous system

Those who already have the GAL 1830 W Professional battery charger or Wireless Charging L-BOXX Bay can charge the 10.8V battery with it, as it is compatible with the previous system. It is also part of the Bosch Flexible Power System: With a few design exemptions it is compatible with all cordless tools of its voltage class. The 10.8V product line now includes 27 tools – from cordless drills to vacuum cleaners.

Price and availability

The 10.8V rechargeable batteries with wireless charging technology are available in specialty stores in the following variants:

For the recommended price of 75 euros

as a basic kit with battery and charger with wireless charging technology GAL 1830 W Professional at a recommended price of 125 euros.

Technical features

The GBA 10.8V 2.5 AH OW-B Professional battery

Battery voltage/capacity

10.8 V/2.5 AH

Charging time with Wireless Charging L-BOXX Bay

  • 80% with 12 V

  • 80% with 220 V

  • 70 min*

  • 40 min*

Charging time with the GAL 1830 W Professional charger

45 min 80%

Dimensions length x width x height

102 x 82 x 108 mm


420 g

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