New fast and already award-winning curved gaming monitors AOC AGON 3 goes on sale

AOC, one of the world’s leading brands on the monitor market, is proud to announce the release of AG273QCG Nvidia G-SYNC and AG273QCX AMD FreeSync 2 HDR curved monitors, third generation of AGON line. The upgraded series will go on sale in January 2019. Designed for passionate gamers, the AGON 3 models offer the best features of previous versions: refresh rate up to 165Hz, 1ms response time. They are also equipped with the latest technologies, such as AMD FreeSync 2 HDR, and feature an updated stylish design. It was the design that helped the AG273QCG monitor to become


Red Dot Design Award 2018. With high refresh rate of 165Hz AG273QCG and 144Hz AG273QCX , short response time and technology that provides variable refresh rate, both monitors are great for fast-paced gaming.


AOC AG273QCG – Red Dot Design Award 2018 winner: 1800R bend radius, 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time

Competitive monitors for gamers

AOC’s premium AGON Ancient Greek for competition, clash, antagonism line of gaming monitors was first introduced in 2016. First-generation AGON monitors such as the AG271QX were immediately critically acclaimed, while the AG251FZ with 240Hz refresh rate won success among cyber sports teams and became the standard for tournaments. The second generation AGON received an extended line of ultra-wide and curved monitors in various sizes 27-35 inches , such as the AG352UCG. With the release of the AGON 3 series, the performance of the monitors is even more impressive, the design is more attractive, and the gaming features are more advanced than ever.


The AG273QCG is a 27″ 68.6cm monitor featuring an 1800R curved QHD 2560×1440 pixels TN panel, Nvidia G-SYNC technology, 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Nvidia GPU owners can enable G-SYNC to avoid tearing and stuttering, and synchronize the monitor’s refresh rate to the CPU’s frame rate. High brightness of 400 nits allows using the monitor comfortably even in bright areas. Two built-in 2-watt speakers with DTS complete these impressive features.


AOC AG273QCX: 1800R curvature radius, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, HDR, FreeSync2

At the same time, the 27-inch 68.6 cm AG273QCX high dynamic range HDR monitor has a VA panel with similar curvature 1800R , QHD resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate. Due to the high brightness of 400 nit, the display supports HDR VESA DisplayHDR 400. In addition to HDR, the model also boasts AMD FreeSync 2 HDR to reduce input lag caused by HDR tonal display and forced low frame rate compensation LFC , which also eliminates image tearing and stuttering. The VA panel’s 3000:1 static contrast ratio and 90% DCI-P3 color gamut brings images to life with deep blacks and brightness in other colors, and wide 178°/178° viewing angles. High response time of 1ms is achieved by stroboscopic. The AG273QCX’s two 5-watt speakers are also compatible with DTS.


Both models have a bezel-less panel on three sides, so it’s easy to merge several monitors into a system. The devices are also very ergonomic: in addition to swivel and tilt, the height can be adjusted up to 110mm.

The AGON Game Lights custom backlight offers more than 100,000 colors, taking full advantage of RGB. AGON Game Lights can change according to the development of the gameplay. The stylish red corner AG273QCG and silver corner AG273QCX stands securely on your desk without taking up much space. The 1800R curvature of both displays increases the immersive effect and allows you to comfortably shift your gaze from one side of the screen to the other.

The familiar retractable headset holder for previous AGON versions has been redesigned and is now located on both sides of the device. A simple assembly mechanism that doesn’t require a screwdriver and screws will help make it easy to mount the monitor in any situation such as tournaments or LAN parties . The device is easy to carry thanks to the special handle. The upgraded AOC Game Pad remote control allows you to easily adjust the necessary settings of the OSD menu.


AGON Game Lights: backlighting that takes full advantage of RGB

Additional Features

In addition to the features listed above, both monitors are also equipped with these features:

  • AOC Game Color: the ability to adjust color saturation for better gray levels and image detail

  • AOC Game Modes: separate settings for games of different genres and the ability to save three user-configurable profiles

  • AOC Shadow Control: adjust the shadow level for better display of dark areas without affecting the rest of the image

  • AOC Dial Point: a sight in the center of the screen to help you shoot accurately in “shooters”

  • FPS Frame Counter: an indicator of the current number of frames per second

  • Flicker Free Technology: reducing discomfort and eye fatigue during long gaming sessions

  • Updated OSD in a fresh modern design, additional software menu G-Menu , with a lot of parameters for setting.

Price and availability

Two new AGON 3 displays were first unveiled and tested at gamescom 2018, where they were highly praised by the press. Coming soon to store shelves.

The AOC AG273QCX and AG273QCG monitors will go on sale in January 2019 at an estimated price of 54879 and 62729 Dollars, respectively.

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