Heaters for the chilly fall: the Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi

Continuing our five-day review of convectors 2020.

Today we will tell you about a popular heater this fall – convector Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi.

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi

What’s interesting?

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi is part of a series of three heaters with different maximum capacities. There are models with similar characteristics of power of 1000 and 2000 watts.

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi can be programmed via Wi-Fi. The app is easy to set up and use.

In Thermex Home, you can set the algorithm of the convector by day of the week and time during the day, set external conditions – for example, to turn on the heating depending on the weather outside the window. You can set a range of times when the heater will turn itself on and off, such as three times a day for two hours, or six times a day for one hour. Any intervals and number of on/off times are available.

It is also possible to combine several convectors in the application and control them as one device. And the convectors can operate equally or heat to different temperatures when one common operating condition is activated.

The app is updated and evolving, so the control options will only grow.

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi

Convector works with Alice, understands voice commands.

Main characteristics

Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi convector works in two modes: 750 W 1500 W.

  • Suitable for rooms up to 20 sqm.m
  • It can be placed on the wall or on the floor.
  • Thought-out security system: there is a power on lock child-proof , overheat protection, automatic shutdown in case of overturning.
  • We offer a wide range of temperature regulation: from 16 to 40 degrees, step – 2 degrees.
  • Control is electronic, information is displayed on the screen. Unlike many competitors, this model has no bright indicators, so the convector can be installed in the bedroom.
  • Dimensions: 380h760h90 mm.
  • Warranty: 3 years.


Thermex Frame 1500E Wi-Fi convector, with its modern and user-friendly controls, programmability and attractive price, easily beats many competitors. We should also note the presence of a well-thought-out security system and a long warranty service period.


Temperature setting step – 2 degrees.

Tomorrow we will tell you about the convector of another manufacturer.

Yesterday we told you about the convector

Ballu Evolution Transformer series.

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