Haier AFL631GW – very active in the cooling process


Haier Introduces Haier AFL631GW Three-Compartment Refrigerator. The new refrigerator is wrapped in high-strength glass that creates a refined and noble look. The developers of this essential kitchen attribute – anticipating the requirements of the most sophisticated user – have created a fridge with an elegant, austere and eye-catching exterior, but did not forget about practicality: The new model is thought-out in every detail.

Haier’s anatomy of the 3DFridge is completely unique: Underneath the refrigerator compartment are two freestanding, retractable freezer compartments that provide an excellent view of their contents and are easy to care for.

The new washer-dryer is easy to set up with a touch of a hand – all its functions can be controlled by the touch keys on the door, and the LCD display will keep the user informed about the current settings and temperature modes in each compartment.

Thanks to the technology of active cooling Haier AFL631GW keeps a uniform temperature throughout the freezer compartment, and a set of functions, including super-freezing and the ability to adjust the humidity in a separate container, allows you to create the best conditions for any food, keeping them fresh and useful.

In addition to the NoFrost system that all Haier refrigerators are equipped with, the new model also includes lots of pleasant surprises, like LED lighting, foldable bottle holders, and other practical and ergonomic solutions. For example, if you need to leave for an extended period – just a few touches to select the mode “Vacation” and the refrigerator will not allow to defrost the food in the freezer compartment, while the refrigerator compartment will be off.

Super freeze function

The system guarantees ultra-fast freezing, for example, when loading the freezer with new food, and preserves its nutritional properties better.

Height-adjustable shelves

Height-adjustable shelves make the most efficient use of the refrigerator space. Shelves are made of tempered non-slip glass, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Shelf edges are fitted with plastic drip edges to prevent liquid from accidentally dripping.

Humidity-controlled container

You can adjust the humidity level according to the type of products.

Bottle shelf

The original shelf allows you to store bottles horizontally.

The economical “Vacation” mode

When you are away for long periods of time, it prevents the food in the freezer compartment from defrosting, while the fridge compartment may not function.

Uniform temperature in the cooling compartment

Haier “Active Cooling” technology maintains an even temperature throughout the entire freezer compartment.

Freezing level */***

The freezer compartment cools to below -18°C, which provides more

long food storage.

Reduced noise level

Haier appliances are designed with modern, low-noise motors and compressors.

No Frost technology

Refrigerator walls and food won’t freeze or frost.

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