Samsung launches mass production of the first System-on-Chip on the market using the 10-nm FinFET process

New York, October 17, 2016. – Samsung Electronics, the global leader in advanced semiconductor technology, has announced mass production of the market’s first single-chip System-on-Chip SoC using the 10nm FinFET process technology.


World’s first 10nm FinFET solution to be introduced in early 2017

First 10nm FinFET solution on the market proves our leadership in developing leading-edge technology,” said Yong-Chi-young, executive vice president, semiconductor division head, Samsung Electronics. – We will continue to strive to create innovative and scalable technologies and provide users with differentiated and complete solutions


New Samsung 10nm FinFET 10LPE processor has advanced 3D transistor structure. Its operating technology and design have been improved over the previous 14nm version, resulting in a 30% higher specific surface efficiency, a 40% increase in performance, and a 40% reduction in power consumption. New solution uses the latest triple-structured hardware solution to overcome scaling limitations. It provides two-way routing to support more flexibility in design and routing than previous models.

Earlier, Samsung unveiled its first generation of 10nm 10LPE process technology solutions. The second generation 10LPP has improved performance and is scheduled for mass production in the second half of 2017.

In close collaboration with partners, Samsung also intends to create a functional semiconductor ecosystem that integrates reference stream validation tools, IP and library. Production Process Development Kit PDK and IP Development Kit are currently available to launch the architecture.

The 10nm SoC system will be used in digital devices from early next year. Expected to become available to the mass consumer during 2017.

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