Good spirits: review of the Electronicsdeluxe 6009 oven.02ashv-014


The optimum set of modes, flushable controls, a programmer


Electric ovens

Without rotisserie.

Review of the oven Electronicsdeluxe 6009.02jeshv-014Electronicsdeluxe_6009_02jeshv_014

Electronicsdeluxe 6009 oven.02 elpv-014


VOLUME: 58 liters.

MODES: max t 250°C, 8 operating modes: top + bottom heat, top + bottom heat + fan, bottom heat, bottom heat + fan, grill, grill + fan, ring heater + fan, fan defrost lighting.

CONTROL: Push Push Pull controls select mode, thermostat with indicators, programmer with digital display.



SAFETY: 2 glass in the door, overheat protection, automatic shutdown, tangential cooling.

CARING: traditional, smooth enamel, removable door.

ACCESSORIES: grid, tray, deep pan.

FRAMES: 595x600x590 mm, recess 582x565x570 mm.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


New oven with a modern twist. The design features a combination of stainless steel and black glass, as well as flush-mounted controls that are not only fun to use, but also help you quickly assess at a glance whether the oven is on or not.


It has eight settings to guarantee a particular treatment of the food. Defrost function for the first time. Used for gentle defrosting without heating, only by the movement of air currents at room temperature.

The following are the three most important baking modes. Traditional heating from the bottom and top at the same time, a favorite cooking method for all kinds of baked goods, especially closed pies. The second mode is its variation, only combined with the fan operation. It cooks faster, browns more evenly and some dishes, like baked goods, turn out just perfect. Convection – mode, in which the heat comes from the back wall from the ring heater , and therefore can be cooked on two or three levels simultaneously.

Only bottom heater is used in two modes. Lower heat is good for drying the crusts of pies, sterilizing jars for home preserves. The element is also activated by the fan – this mode is ideal for pizza and for the gentle drying of garden, vegetable and forest produce. Minimal oven temperature is only 50° C, just right for greens and mushrooms.

The oven has two grill modes. The solo grill is suitable for grilling flat foods, small portions. Bulk food such as whole birds are cooked in the grill mode with a fan. The appliance distributes the heat over the entire oven cavity so it cooks as on a spit, i.e. browning the crust identically on all sides.


Is made by means of two Push Pull control knobs. The right one sets the temperature of the oven air heating. During cooking, the thermostat will maintain it at the set level, increasing or decreasing the heat. The second sets the operating mode.

A modern programmer is available to control the oven. It can be trusted to control the duration of the process and stop heating automatically at a time chosen by the user. The device also allows you to preset the start of cooking. The oven will start cooking at the set hour and minutes and will finish after the desired amount of time.

Price: 12 990 Dollars.

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