Overview of the Electronicsdeluxe 6009 oven.01EHV (esp. 012)


Good range of functions, control with PushPull knobs, white color


Electric ovens

No dedicated Pizza mode


Electronicsdeluxe 6009Electronicsdeluxe_6009_01eshv_isp012 oven

Independent electric oven Electronicsdeluxe 6009.01 ashw esp. 012


VOLUME: 58 l.

MODES: max t 250 ° C, 8 modes: bottom and top heating, bottom and top heating + fan, bottom heating, bottom heating + fan, grill, grill + fan, ring heater + fan, fan defrost lighting.

ELEMENTS: top 1.1 kW, bottom 1.1 kW, grill 3.1 kW, ring 2.0 kW.

CONTROL: flushable controls for operating mode selection, thermostat with indicators, programmer with display.



SAFETY: 2 glasses in the oven door, t of outer glass 60°C, automatic shutdown.

CARING: traditional, removable door.

ACCESSORIES: grid, tray, deep pan.

DIMENSIONS: 595x600x590mm, 584x565x570mm niche.

WEIGHT: 33 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

PRICE: 12 450 Dollars.

Oven in white color – the perfect solution for the practical housewives. The outside of the appliance does not need as much care as stainless steel or black glass, on which you can see every trace of dust and water stains. White always looks smart and new, especially since dirt can easily be removed from the glass.


Model is equipped with all kinds of heaters and fan.

Lower and upper heating elements can be used together in one of the most favorite modes of hostesses. The appliance has a multiversion, where the heat from the heaters spreads throughout the chamber thanks to the fan. Cooking in this case is faster and more even.

For succulent casseroles, open pies, bottom heat mode. You can choose it for the hassle of preparing your own food at home: sterilizing jars, drying mushrooms, herbs or apples. The lower temperature threshold is only 50° C – ideal when you want to preserve the taste, aroma and all the health benefits of forest and garden produce.

Oven grill is powerful – just right for stir-fry lovers. Can be used to cook wings, sausages, burgers. Larger portions and just big products like chicken are best fried in fan assisted mode. Hot air streams blow all the portions evenly, saving time and making the crusts the same on all sides.

Convection mode, which includes a fan-assisted circular heater used to cook food on two or three levels of the oven simultaneously. The basic condition is the same temperature requirements, although it should be selected a little lower than usual. Since the air flows from the rear wall where the ring heating element is installed , cooking flavors do not mix, so you can cook meat or fish and dessert in one dish.

Defrosting mode without heating, thawing of the food is due to rapid air movement at room temperature.


The control panel has recessed PushPull knobs for selecting modes of operation and thermostat settings, as well as a modern programmer. It combines the capabilities of a timer with an audible alarm only a reminder and allows you to program the heating on and off.

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