Fujifilm increases production of interchangeable lenses

FUJIFILM announces major increase in production of interchangeable lenses in response to growing demand for mirror-less digital cameras. Additional production facilities will be built at the Taiwa plant owned by FUJIFILM Optics Co. Ltd. – the company’s subsidiary which manufactures cameras and lenses in Japan. The facilities will be commissioned in phases beginning in September 2018. By 2020, when all the new facilities are launched, output will increase by about 70% due to the expansion of production capacity.

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Fujifilm entered the mirrorless digital camera market in 2012, and continued to add to its lineup of easy-to-use X-series models with APS-C sensor. In March 2017, the company introduced the FUJIFILM GFX 50S GFX 50S medium format mirrorless digital camera with a sensor 1.7 times larger than a full 35mm. The camera has earned an excellent reputation among professional and amateur photographers alike for its elegant design, ease of use and unsurpassed image quality thanks to Fujifilm’s unique color reproduction technology.

By utilizing the optical technologies developed by FUJINON lenses for the broadcast and cinema industries, Fujifilm has created interchangeable lenses with superb image detail quality. The interchangeable lens lineup currently includes 36 models, with sales increasing more than 20 percent annually. As a result, Fujifilm is significantly expanding Taiwa’s production capacity to meet the growing demand for mirrorless digital cameras and increase sales of interchangeable lenses for the X series and GFX series cameras.

Cutting edge systems and advanced manufacturing techniques enable Taiwa’s highly skilled technicians to produce not only the GF Series lenses whose potential is maximized by the GFX 50S, but also other interchangeable lenses that are especially challenging to produce. These include the aforementioned ultra-wide-angle zoom lenses with a maximum aperture of F2.8 and a focal length equivalent to 12-24 mm Eq. 35mm , which joined the lineup of XF interchangeable lenses in the X series, and large-diameter telephoto lenses with a maximum aperture of F2.0 and a focal length equivalent to 305mm Eq. 35mm designed specifically for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Fujifilm will continue to expand its line of mirrorless digital cameras and interchangeable lenses by applying the high-precision optical processing and assembly techniques that it has developed in the photo industry over the years. New development to greatly expand the creative potential of the X-series and GFX-series.

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