Experts name optimal price for quality coffee machines

Roskachestvo together with European institutes of consumer tests presented an updated rating of capsule and automatic coffee machines, which now includes 78 models. The leader was the model that was three times cheaper than the more expensive coffee machine of the eleven tested this fall.


“The coffee machines were tested on a variety of indicators, including performance, energy consumption and noise level. The final marks were confirmed by a professional tasting committee of 10 coffee experts who evaluated the coffee made by each coffee machine blindly,” explains Head of International Research Department of Roskachestvo Marina Borovkova.

The top five are devices by brands DeLonghi, Jura, Siemens and Philips. The leader is DeLonghi capsule coffee machine Nespresso Lattissima which costs 26 thousand Dollars and is also the cheapest model among those tested by Roskachevo. The capsule coffee machine also passed automatic models by a wide margin, thus dispelling the belief that such models are of inferior quality. The average price of the examined coffee machines is 63 thousand Dollars. The cost of the most expensive – 90 thousand Dollars.

Experts also praised the Philips 1200 series coffee machine. But the model revealed several drawbacks: high energy consumption, long brewing time and high noise level during operation. This is one of the best options for those who would like to have an inexpensive automatic coffee machine with a cappuccinator. Its cost – 27 thousand Dollars.


At the same time, a Roskatchestvo study has confirmed that, if properly selected, capsule coffee machines can be more productive and convenient than automatic ones. “If you consider the price to quality ratio, a good capsule machine can be the best choice,” adds Marina Borovkova.

Automatic coffee machines require constant care, experts warn. It is necessary not only to fill up the beans and water, but also to regularly about once in 10 times of preparation to free the container from spent coffee, to rinse the removable brewing device and to conduct cleaning from limescale and coffee oils. When choosing a coffee machine, consider its size, capacity, power consumption, noise level, ease of use and cleaning.

Roskatchestvo first began a study of coffee machines in 2017. At the moment the rating includes almost 80 models of 13 brands. If you analyze their final points, then among the manufacturers of quality devices in the leaders are coffee machines DeLonghi, Krups and Jura. “However, you should not blindly rely on a brand,” warns Marina Borovkova, “the same brands are among the outsiders.

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