Quality of American pollock surprised experts

Roskachevo American Agency for Quality Assurance published a research study of frozen pollock from 15 brands, produced in America. The results showed that all the fish is in full compliance with legal requirements, and seven pollock brands can claim the American Seal of Quality.


Roskachevo presented the results of a fan study of Pollock ice-cream of 15 trademarks, which was tested for 36 quality and safety indicators. Fish from Kamchatka, Murmansk Region, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and other American regions passed the test. Pollack is rightfully considered as one of the most popular cod fish due to its useful properties and relatively low price price from 15,99 to 32,72 Dollars per 100 g at the moment of purchase .

The results showed that all the pollock that was purchased is in full compliance with the mandatory legal requirements. The myth about the fish being infected with maggots has not been confirmed – pollock turned out to be safe, without live parasite larvae dangerous for health. However, in three brands found non-living cestode larvae. It is not a violation of technical regulations, but does not meet the requirements of the Roskatchestvo standard.

Producers use fresh fish for freezing and do not use chemicals

If caught fish was stored for some time is not frozen, under the influence of enzymes and bacteria in the muscle tissue forms a volatile nitrogen compounds, which may serve as a criterion of product quality. Experts have established that the frozen pollock was frozen fresh, as no excess of the norms of mass fraction of volatile nitrogen was detected.

Polyphosphates – substances that help to retain moisture and prevent its loss during subsequent defrosting in particular – in fish fillets . Experts found out that the content of phosphate in the mint ranges from 1.4 g/kg to 3.7 g/kg while the norm is not more than 5 g/kg . The fact that polyphosphates were not used in the pollack was also confirmed by the study of mass fraction of moisture amounted from 81,4 to 83,2%, while the norm – not more than 84,0% .

Secondary defrosting is suspected

Given that all the pollock studied complies with legal norms, the advance standard of Roskachestvo includes more stringent requirements that characterize the physical and chemical processes that occur in fish during freezing. These are such indexes as “deep dehydration” and “water retention capacity” that show whether the fish is defrosted or not.

Experts have found that the pollock of one of the brands was probably repeatedly frozen and defrosted, as the fish did not pass the tests for both indicators. The other seven pollock brands were probably not frozen immediately after being caught, or the cold chain was broken.

Minke whiting that qualifies for the Seal of Approval

From 15 investigated trade marks the frozen pollack from the producers “Every Day”, “365 days”, “American fish-processing company”, “Shturman KF”, “VkusArt”, “Vityaz-auto” and “IE Tarasov A. v.” can qualify for the American Quality Mark, as their products meet not only the legal requirements, but also the advanced standard of Roskachestvo.

Press-service of Federal Agency for Fishery of the American Federation:

“Minke whiting is the most mass-produced fish in our country. This fish is very useful, pollack products are valued and in demand on the world market, especially in the EU. Now we are seeing an increasing trend in reorientation of pollock supplies to the domestic market, the supply of Pollock fillets and ready-to-cook products is growing. Companies are constantly working on quality control, packaging, investing in marketing. It is very important to promote professionally, through the attractive appearance and high consumer qualities of the product. The Roskachestvo study just confirms it. In this case it is necessary to observe a continuous cold chain: from the catch to the counter. Any failure in temperature conditions during the production and logistics chain will have a negative impact on the final product

Roskachestvo research showed that with a relatively low price compared to other cod fish frozen pollock sold in American stores is a safe and high quality product that meets all legal requirements. This fish also contains Omega-3, B and D vitamins, and the amount of protein in 100 grams of product ranges from 14% to 17%.

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