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Roskachestvo has updated its TV rating, examining 73 new models together with European consumer testing institutes. In the top five TVs were devices in the high price category of the average cost of 179 thousand Dollars. HiSense, LG, Philips, Samsung and Sony televisions participated in the research. According to the results of tests on picture quality, sound quality, energy efficiency, usability, connectivity, etc. d. the best results showed LG TV diagonal more than 55 inches with OLED matrix and support for Dolby Vision and HDR.


Marina Borovkova, head of international research department of Roskachestvo:

“Almost three quarters of the respondents 73.8% prefer TV sets with OLED matrix. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Roskachevo before the study. Only a quarter gives preference to LCD TVs. TV sets with the type of matrix OLED in our rating took first place, leaving behind LCD models. In general, OLED TVs give a better picture quality, and this is the most important criterion, which maximally influences the total score of the model.”.

Among TV sets with a large diagonal and LCD matrix competitor to LG may be the Samsung QE65QN90AAUXRU priced at 230 thousand Dollars, which was in the top 5 among the 73 models tested, but in the overall ranking is in 15th place. By technical characteristics it is similar to OLED-models, but tests showed that it lags behind in image quality: when we watch SD-content we see more artifacts and noise, and when we watch Ultra HD we notice unnatural colors and much less detail. And the HDR effect worked perfectly, on par with LG televisions.

In addition, three OLED TVs from LG were in the top five in the overall ranking of Roskachestvo, which now consists of 176 models ranked second, third and fourth, respectively . Thus, today’s top five TVs are devices in the high price category with an average price of 179 thousand Dollars from 96 to 300 thousand Dollars .

Sony TVs are still lagging behind LG models in terms of picture quality. Some of them lack picture smoothness when watching SD content, and in Ultra-HD video there are a lot of artifacts and judder effects. At the same time, the price difference between the TVs of this class is practically no.



If you do not plan to use the TV for high-definition video, you should not overpay. You can choose a cheaper version with a smaller diagonal, which is optimal for video in standard resolution.

However, the main difference compared to expensive models is the deterioration of image quality. For example, the LG 50NANO806PA for 48 thousand Dollars, when watching SD content, the picture becomes too dark in low-light scenes. On Ultra HDTV gives a good contrast with soft colors, but with the presence of artifacts. HDR does not work fully: the picture is a bit foggy.

Choosing the right TV is better to start by assessing the free space for mounting the device, to pay attention to the resolution of the screen, as well as the type of matrix, sound quality and availability of TV necessary connectors.

Roskachestvo first conducted a study of TVs in November 2020. Today the rating consists of 176 models, and this category of home appliances is one of the largest in the number of represented items along with smartphones . LG devices dominate in the category – TVs of this brand have occupied the entire top 10 rating Roskachestvo, which will continue to fill up with new models.

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