ElectronicsDeluxe 506040 gas stove review.01g


Full electric ignition, oven thermostat, long-life warranty.


No adjustable feet.


ElectronicsDeluxe 506040.01g gas stove

HOB: 4 gas burners. Front left 1.0 kW, far left 1.7 kW, front right 3.0 kW, far right 1.7 kW.

Oven: gas, capacity 54 l, max temperature 250 ⁰C, 2.5 kW burner, 2.0 kW gas grill, rotisserie, lighting.

CONTROL: rotary burner power control, oven thermostat, ignition button, timer, rotisserie and light buttons.

CARING: traditional, split grids on the hob, glass front of the door on the outside, removable door and rails.

SAFETY: gas control oven, 2 panes of glass in the door, the maximum temperature of the outer glass 60 ⁰C.

ACCESSORIES: grid, 2 trays large and small , rotisserie.

COLOR: white.

DIMENSIONS: 850x500x600 mm.

WEIGHT: 38 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


Compact, 50 cm wide gas hob with oven gas control. The cooking plate is designed in the typical company way: in the rear there are identical medium-power elements – these are the main burners, on which the majority of dishes are cooked. Powerful element and small burner for small-diameter pots and pans are located in front right.

Fast burner guarantees rapid heating, and is also ideal for pots and pans of 3 liters or more, and grills including cast iron ones . The small burner is suitable for slow cooking, stewing.

All hob elements are equipped with a two-hand ignition switch. To activate the desired burner you need to turn the knob with light pressure and at the same time press the piezo button on the control panel. The regulators, as usual, have a low flame position, so that you can turn down the fire with a single movement.

Oven equipped with two burners. The bottom has a main burner. Sufficient power to produce the required microclimate with temperatures up to 250 ⁰C. The temperature selected by the user is kept constant by a thermostat, which enables the flame to be lowered or raised in time.

Second burner – grill. It has not only high power, its special feature – the ability to roast food quickly due to the mainly infrared radiation. The grill always switches on at maximum power, the degree of its action on the dish is regulated by choosing the level of the oven rails: the closer to the element, the stronger the heat.

Oven burners can only be activated individually. To evenly cook poultry and large pieces of meat use the rotisserie. It has an electric motor which allows turning it evenly without user intervention. The oven is controlled with a single knob and has a two-hand electrical ignition, like the hob controls. When the bottom burner is switched on, the temperature is selected according to the marks.

This model is equipped with a timer-alarm which helps you to control all the processes in your kitchen, even those that are not related to the functioning of the stove. The duration that you can set with it is 60 minutes.

10 820 Dollars.

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