Doogee DG Ares smart watch: for sports and health

Doogee brand introduced a new ultra-thin smart watch

Doogee DG Ares

with an optimal set of functions.



Doogee DG Ares smart watch case is made of 10 mm aluminum alloy.

Doogee DG Ares

The watch is square, with a rounded display.

The strap is made of leather and modified silica gel.

Offered in five color options: black, gray, red, green and a variant in a shade of “rose gold”.

Doogee DG Ares red

Wellness control

Heart rate sensor monitors heart rate and displays:

  • heart rate,
  • Heart rate histogram,
  • Minimum and maximum heart rate over a period of time.

Doogee DG Ares watch

Doogee DG Ares watch monitors blood oxygen saturation: measures oxygen levels in the blood and displays results, including the maximum and minimum oxygen levels over a period of time.

It analyzes the sleep mode:

  • total sleep duration,
  • Deep, quick, and light sleep phases,
  • Wakes during the night
  • Will offer tips on how to improve your sleep patterns to get the most out of it for your health.

Smart Watch Doogee DG Ares


Doogee DG Ares smart watch

Yoga, dance, gymnastics, strength training, running, walking or games such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis – in any of these or many other activities, a smart watch will be the optimal companion to control your activity.

Doogee DG Ares has a total of 24 kinds of sports modes.

Doogee DG Ares smart watch


Doogee DG Ares smartwatch displays push notifications, SMS, messages from messengers and apps selected by the user. The model supports remote music control, allows you to reject incoming calls and reminds you of calls.

There is also a stopwatch, timer and alarm clock.

Smart Smart Watch Doogee DG Ares

Learn more about features




and order a smartwatch already available at



Price 5242 Dollars., But in the first days of sales the brand offers a good discount.

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