HUAWEI Watch GT smart watch

The company HUAWEI introduced in Paris two new versions of smart watches HUAWEI WATCH GT: Active Edition and Elegant Edition. Active Edition model has a watch face size of 46-mm, as in previous models of the series. HUAWEI WATCH GT Elegant Edition comes in a new 42mm design with ceramic bezel. The new watch is equipped with AMOLED HD color touch screens with high clarity. HUAWEI WATCH GT Active Edition has a 1.39-inch display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, and the Elegant Edition has a 1.2-inch display with a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels.


Long battery life

HUAWEI WATCH GT smart watch uses innovative architecture with dual chipset and smart power saving. This allows you to switch between performance and efficiency mode according to your individual activity for optimum battery consumption.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Active, Sport and Classic versions run for up to two weeks in a typical usage scenario. It includes daily use with an active heart rate monitoring function, activated nighttime sleep monitoring function, workouts of up to 90 minutes per week, and enabled notifications. Elegant Edition can run on a single charge for a week. When used as a regular watch, without tracking physical activity, HUAWEI WATCH GT runs on battery power for up to 30 days.


Extensive opportunities to monitor physical activity

HUAWEI Watch GT recognizes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor fitness activities. New HUAWEI WATCH GT Active Edition and Elegant Edition models have a new “Triathlon” mode. It supports three types of activities: open water swimming, cycling and outdoor running. Smart watch captures all activities during a triathlon, including changing sports. Triathlon mode will be available in HUAWEI WATCH GT Classic and Sport Edition models after the upgrade.

With long battery life and HUAWEI TruSeen™ 3 heart rate monitor function.0, HUAWEI WATCH GT supports round-the-clock monitoring of cardiac activity in active and resting phases. Combined with innovative PPG sensors and artificial intelligence-based algorithms, this solution enables the smart watch to monitor the heart rate in real time with high accuracy. In sports mode, HUAWEI WATCH GT can inform the user to adjust the intensity of workouts to achieve the desired performance. In resting mode, the watch automatically monitors and records the wearer’s heart rate.

TruSleep™ 2 scientific sleep monitoring feature.0 enables the user to assess the quality of sleep, accurately recognizes typical sleep phases and offers more than 200 tips for improving sleep. It uses heart rate and sleep breathing monitoring data and big data analysis to make recommendations.


New classic design

HUAWEI WATCH GT Elegant Edition 42mm version comes in Magic Pearl White, Tahitian Magic Black Pearl. New colors were created using a unique ceramic dyeing process. The pearl white dial of the watch was obtained by diamond cutting to create 48 facets, which are then carefully polished. As the angle of light changes, the dial color spectrum also changes.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Active Edition and Elegant Edition models support multiple watch face options for different usage scenarios. This feature will also be available in HUAWEI WATCH GT Classic and Sport1 models after upgrade.

Fluoroelastomer straps for HUAWEI WATCH GT Active and Elegant models help create a stylish look and increase the comfort of use. The straps for the Active model will be available in orange and dark green, and for the Elegant model in black and white.

The presentation also included an updated HUAWEI Band 3 fitness tracker with a 0.95-inch AMOLED HD color touchscreen. The device supports real-time heart rate monitoring, swimming hand wave recognition, sleep monitoring, and other workout functions.

Price and availability

HUAWEI WATCH GT will be available at a price: for Active Edition – 249 euros, for Elegant Edition – 229 euros, HUAWEI Band 3 – 59 euros.

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    The HUAWEI Watch GT smartwatch seems interesting, but I’m wondering if it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

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