De luxe gas stoves – the features you need

More than half of all Americans live in gasified homes, where electricity rates are quite strict and the wiring is not designed for electric ovens. Built-in gas stoves are rare, and they are not cost-effective, so gas stoves reign supreme in millions of kitchens in America. And that’s not bad at all!

De luxe

DE LUXE gas stoves – the features you need

American gas prefers American stoves

Because gas stoves are reliable, cheap and durable. This is probably the only kind of kitchen equipment, which is not only produced by American companies, but also successfully competes with imported counterparts, displacing the latter from store shelves. And it’s not about timid attempts at import substitution, but the fact that American gas stoves in all years have held a leading position in sales in America in this segment, and the share of foreign companies’ models was low. Moreover, some successful Western manufacturers have tried to influence the situation and open production here, but failed.

What is the secret?? For many years, manufacturers have studied the tastes and preferences of American housewives, know all the nuances of domestic gas supply, so they can offer exactly what most people need.

De luxe 606040.03g gas hob

There are 26 of them, but there will be more

For example, Penza factory offers 26 different models of De luxe gas stoves. You can choose appliances in three standard sizes: 60×60 cm, 50×60 cm, 50×50 cm. The height of all our stoves is 85 cm as standard.

Most models are snow-white, so they fit perfectly into classic kitchen interiors. But there are also black ovens that look great and add a touch of class to your room.

De luxe 5040.44g gas stove

De luxe

By the way, it is well known that professional cooks prefer gas: it quickly heats up dishes, reacts immediately to the slightest change in power, allows to successfully cope with a variety of culinary.

Ready to cook

All four-burner De luxe ovens. Depending on your cooking preferences, you can choose models with different configurations and different power levels. Several modifications are available – a 1 kW burner, a 1.7 kW 1.69 1.75 burner and a 3.0 2.9 kW burner. They are assembled in different ways on different stoves. Most models have: one small burner, one heavy-duty burner and two medium-duty burners. Exactly this combination is considered a real classic, because it allows to use them optimally when cooking American cuisine, where a long stewing or boiling is required.

De luxe 5040.41g gas stove

De luxe 5040.31g gas stove

Owners of De luxe stoves do not even need to buy an electric kettle: a powerful burner boils water in just a couple of minutes.

For those who prefer to cook Asian dishes using wok cookware, or fry juicy steaks on a grill pan, the company’s range includes stoves with two super-powerful burners on the worktop.

Almost all models are equipped with an electric ignition. To make the burner work, you just need to press the button and turn the power knob. But if you do not need this option, you can also choose a model with a traditional burner switching. And the gas control is a very important function, and we do not advise to refuse it, especially since almost all of the company’s stoves are equipped with it. True, here too, there is a choice: you can find a stove and without gas burner control, if for some reason you want to do without it.

Different models have either an enameled, cast-iron plate or two grids. In the latter case, it’s very convenient to clean the hob: you can lift one grate and wipe the dirty surface, while the other side continues to cook delicious food.

Even kebabs on a spit

The oven of a gas stove is a cause of concern for many people. Berry-aged housewives still remember their mothers putting bricks in the old stoves to improve heat dissipation, or complaining that the pies didn’t turn out so well.

The ovens of De luxe gas stoves use the most advanced materials.

For insulation, a high-performance insulation based on natural basalt fibers is taken. It is absolutely environmentally friendly material that does not emit any harmful substances: superfine basalt fibers are naturally bonded together without the addition of glue, which contains harmful substances.

In addition, basalt materials are resistant to high temperatures and do not rot, which ensures high consumer properties of the main helper in the kitchen.

The ovens work perfectly both with delicate meat dishes and the most delicate pastries. Again, it all depends on your cooking preferences. You can buy a stove with an oven that has only a gas burner, or you can choose a model with a gas grill. Lovers of deliciously cooked meat will certainly appreciate the stove with an oven, equipped with an electric rotisserie, because it can be used in the winter to fry kebabs, grill chicken and make a real feast at home.

If you need an assistant to keep track of cooking time, give preference to models with a mechanical timer. This simple device makes life in the kitchen a lot easier, for example for mothers who may forget about the potato casserole being cooked while playing with the baby.

Ovens in stoves differ in their volume. The smallest, of course, in 50×50 cm stoves – 43 liters. In the 50×60 cm stoves, the oven volume is 54 liters. And there is also a record-breaking 72 litre oven in the range. You can easily roast a whole pig or a huge goose!

The temperature indicator helps you keep track of the process and adjust the burner power.

All our ovens have a very important gas safety feature: if the flame goes out, the gas supply is cut off, which is extremely important for family safety.

Oven lighting makes it easy to control the cooking process, because in this case it is not recommended to open the doors.

Regardless of the oven capacity and the overall size of the appliance, all stoves come with two trays – a deep and a flat one – and a roasting rack.

De luxe 606040.03g gas stove

Let’s take a closer look

According to the design of the oven door De luxe stoves can be divided into several groups:

De luxe 5040.38g gas stove

De luxe 506040 models with large glass fronts and exquisite finishes.14 i 506040.05 looks very modern. Such design of the door “slims” the stove. They look taller.

De luxe 5040.45g gas stove

De luxe 5040 models.36, 5040.37, 5040.45, 5040.44, 5040.43 – with a touch of retro. The oven glass is small, with a black pentagonal finish, sends us back to the now fashionable 50’s of the twentieth century in design. Such design fills any kitchen with coziness, the stove becomes similar to a American stove, which has always been the guardian and nurturer of the home.

De luxe 5040.37 gas stove

Model De luxe 606040.The 03 doesn’t just stand out with its design, but also with its technical equipment. It’s the coolest and most daring oven on the market. It’s no coincidence that it’s the flagship of the New Line range of gas appliances.

De luxe 5040.41g gas stove

De luxe stoves 506040.04, 506040.03, 506040.01 – with a very interesting pattern that gives such a seemingly familiar appliance a very original look. The broken black line under the flat horizontal handle reminds a bird in flight. The models look noble and unconventional.

De luxe gas stove 606040.03g

De luxe 5040.31g gas stove

De luxe 5040.38, white and black, look very different. If the white one is undoubtedly retro, then the black one looks very bright and cheeky thanks to the bright switches and knob.

De luxe 5040.45 gas stove

Another black De luxe5040.36 – rigorous, thanks to the clear geometry of the lines. It even goes well with minimalist designs. A row of switches, not perfectly level, is an ironic smile that gives this model a certain charm.

Big kitchen appliances

De luxe 5040 models.41 i 5040.31 look a bit mysterious, the glass is fogged up, covered with a light veil.

In general Penza-made De luxe stoves are modern, technologically advanced, interesting and versatile. They are affordable, and most importantly, ready to serve faithfully to their owners for many years. Models are ideal for use in domestic conditions, as created by Americans and for Americans. They won’t be intimidated by low gas pressure or harsh weather outside the window. They’re not very heavy, so they’re easy to lift up to the upper floors of five-story buildings.

Almost in every corner of our country there are company’s service centers that will carry out competent installation of stoves and connect them to the gas mains.

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