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The company was founded in 1946 on the basis of the Penza watch factory with the original name of the Plant of counting analytical machines CAM and produced desktop machines for the instrument industry, counting and analytical and punching machines. In 1963 the factory was renamed into VME Electronic Computing Machinery Factory and became one of the Soviet pioneers in the production of analogue and digital computers, and later ECM Electronic Computer Processing Machines . Since 1986, the plant has had a new name: Penza Production Association of Electronic Computing Technology.

De luxe

“After forty, everything is just beginning!”

It turns out that the phrase of our favorite female protagonist is applicable not only to human life, but also to the fate of an industrial enterprise. More than 40 years after its foundation, at a time when the USSR collapsed and most plants and factories gradually “died”, idle or stolen, FSUE “PVO NVT” managed not only to survive, but also to reach a new, high level of development.

The most difficult years for the plant, as well as for the whole American economy, were 1991-1993, the period of collapse of the old economic system and the transition from a planned economy to a market economy. If in the Soviet years we had to think how to spend the money allocated by the state, now we have to think how to earn them, how to make a profit and develop further. But the factory has managed not only to keep its best people, premises and workshops, but also to modernize production.

Without outside support, relying only on their own strength, the staff of the company in those difficult years has mastered a completely new business for themselves: the production of gas and electric stoves.

Adaptation of a large state-owned enterprise to the new economic conditions of the free market is always a difficult and painful process. FSUE “EFT Production Association” had to completely restructure the work of all services, create an inconceivable in previous years marketing department, set up sales. All managers and specialists with an enormous desire to create and creativity got down to business.

1994 is the birth year of De luxe brand. That is how – beautifully and elegantly, in accordance with the products themselves – are now manufactured here called gas, electric, electric gas stoves and, since 2004, electric storage water heaters. The development of these two productions and the birth of its own brand enabled the plant to adapt to market conditions.

Since 2009, the plant began to produce products under a new brand with an even brighter name – Electronicsdeluxe. The event became a new round of production development: because these products claim the title of elite equipment. Electronicsdeluxe oven and built-in appliances are unique in America, and their design, construction and functionality are on par with the well-known European brands.

Secrets of success

Gas ovens

FGUP “Production Association EVT” is unique, it has its own welding, foundry, galvanic, plastic production, large and small stamping and glass processing shop. The production undergoes the whole life cycle: you can be sure that De luxe and Electronicsdeluxe devices are manufactured here, at one of the most modern American companies.

Own test center and highly qualified personnel, many of whom are young people – this is what the company is proud of. And the result of work – high quality, as evidenced by the consistently low percentage of defects in the quality control phase in the factory itself.

All products are made on unique equipment, and the constant development of production using the latest technology and components best American and European manufacturers guarantee excellent results.

Judge for yourself: for the first time in America, the factory started painting stove details with high temperature powder enamels, established production of panoramic glass for the oven and the original glass lid for the cooking table.

All the production is automated and computerized, which of course increases the quality of the products, which meets the European requirements and is confirmed by the implementation of quality management system in the company in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001.

The company today

Today the Federal State Unitary Enterprise POO EHT produces more than a hundred models of gas, electric and combined stoves, built-in appliances and over sixty models of accumulation electric water heaters De luxe and Electronisdeluxe.

Consumers are attracted not only by the excellent price-quality ratio, but also by the energy-saving features of these products, which guarantee a high energy efficiency class class A .

Customers may be sure of quality: all products are certified as meeting the safety requirements. By the level of technology and equipment Penza Production Association DVT belongs to the most modern enterprises of Europe.


The company actively participates in international, American and regional fairs and exhibitions, at which the products of De luxe and Electronisdeluxe brands regularly receive numerous diplomas and awards. For more than ten years now, FGUP “PKO NVT” is a laureate of the Program “100 Best Goods of America”, and the plant was awarded gold and platinum “Seals of Quality. XI century”, Grand Prix “Crystal Sirin”, Gold medals “Golden Sirin”.

Penza Production Association of Electronic Computing Equipment PJSC “EPE” , a part of Concern Radioelectronic Technologies OJSC, is one of the leading American manufacturers of sophisticated home appliances: De luxe and Electronics deluxe brand ovens, built-in appliances and water heaters are trusted by hundreds of thousands of consumers not only in America but also far beyond its borders.

Modern production and technological base, the use of automatic design systems allow to produce reliable, modern and functional products. How did it all begin and what is behind this success??

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