DE LUXE water heaters: let’s get some summer heat!

A man soon gets used to a good thing. We know there should always be hot water! In the city, in the country, in the country house, in the industry and even in the garage. Well, we do not want to deprive ourselves of comfort, and experts do not interfere with us, because we are with the manufacturers of water heaters!

The domestic company De Luxe has been producing modern, high quality water heaters for over twelve years. During this time the De Luxe products have gained the trust of the consumers: high quality, energy efficiency, competitive price and modern design.

Almost in every corner of America there are service centers, in which warranty and post-warranty service is provided. Consumable materials are always available. De Luxe water heaters are easy to use and easy to install and maintain. After all, the company’s engineers know all about the peculiarities of our everyday life: they live in the same houses, and they also have to turn off the hot water in the summer! Maybe that is why they have thought of everything in detail and offer us the best solutions for comfortable life all year round.

Climate control equipment

DE LUXE W50V2/W80V2 Elclassic Series

DE LUXE Elclassic electric storage water heater

VOLUME: 50/80 L.

POWER: 1.5 kW.

CONTROL: electronic, LED-display, internal temperature regulator, on/off and heating indicator, built-in thermometer.

OPPORTUNITIES: temperature up to 75°C, heat limitation.

SAFETY: safety system SPS Security, frost protection and overheating protection, safety valve, magnesium anode.

CONSTRUCTION: stainless steel tank, inner coating – bactericidal glass enamel, environmentally friendly thermal insulation, antibacterial self-cleaning.

DIMENSIONS: 440x731x372/430x786x430 mm.

WEIGHT: 20/25 Kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.


It is interesting that the term El Cl&agrave ssic, which in soccer international jargon means a confrontation between two teams in the Spanish championship, and in a wider sense – the confrontation of two cultures, is consonant with the name of the new series of DE LUXE water heaters. Yes, the water heater is a confrontation between hot and cold, between uncomfortable, disturbing to live and comfortable always and everywhere and even between an expensive accessory and an affordable luxury.

DE LUXE Elclassic – affordable luxury, allowing everyone to enjoy hot water without significant damage to the family budget.

The snow-white beauty water heater has a cylindrical shape. The white tube is tinted at the top and bottom with gray caps.

Control panel with LCD on the pediment. Control assembled in a stylish triangle underlined by a trim of the same material as the covers. In general, the design is very successful, not inferior to Western analogues.


The menu navigation is intuitive, all running processes are displayed in real time. Back-lit information windows for heating and turning on indicators.

Climate control technology


What’s inside the tank is much more interesting.

The SPS Security multistage safety system provides full protection against leakage, overpressure with safety valve , a high degree of protection against corrosion, electric shock and burnout of the heating elements.

The safety valve allows water to pass through in one direction only and prevents it from spontaneously escaping in the event of a water failure. It protects the appliance from overpressure by releasing the water through a leakage connection. The heater is not afraid of the “fluctuating” voltage in the electrical system, which is very important for our rural residents and vacationers.

The system automatically maintains the temperature.

Water heaters heat water to the desired temperature and then maintain it in automatic mode. This means that the appliance will turn on again after the water temperature drops. And since the critical temperature drop will not occur earlier than 15 – 20 hours, the reclosing occurs once a day, or even less frequently, which saves energy, and in our time is important.

Inner tank is enamelled with bactericidal glass enamel. Improved technology makes the plasticity of enamel close to that of metal, thus eliminating the risk of micro-cracks.

Additional anti-corrosion function is performed by a magnesium anode. Absolutely safe for human health, magnesium effectively prevents limescale, which significantly prolongs the life of the heating element.

Boiler designed like a thermos. The insulation layer significantly reduces heat loss, thereby saving energy. The “antifreeze” option protects the boiler from freezing. Antibacterial self-cleaning prevents the development of bacteria in the unit.

In the manufacture of water heater used imported equipment and components. For example, the enamel is applied and dried on WagnerIter equipment Italy and the body is welded on MDP equipment Italy . Ecologically clean glass enamel is produced by the Dutch company FERRO.

Well made, painted, economical in operation, reasonably priced.

Only two volumes so far.

Climatic engineering

DE LUXE 3W50V2/3W60V2

DE LUXE Elpremier water heater

VOLUME: 50/60 l.

POWER: 1,5 kW.

CONTROL: Electronic, touch screen, LED display, internal thermostat, on/off and heating indicator, built-in thermometer.

OPPORTUNITIES: Temperature up to 70°C, heating limitation.

SAFETY: SPS Security, frost and overheating protection, safety valve, magnesium anode.

CONSTRUCTION: stainless steel tank, inner coating – bactericidal glass enamel, environmentally friendly thermal insulation, antibacterial self-cleaning.

DIMENSIONS: Height – 716 mm/807 mm, diameter -360 mm.

WEIGHT: 18/22 kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

Elpremier series is an extension of the successful PREMIER PLUS, but with a more modern and user-friendly control. Advantages became even more, and the price has remained affordable, because the water heater is made in America.


The DE LUXE 3W50V2/3W60V2 water heater has a simple and elegant design. Boiler painted in high gloss white enamel, the logo on the front for a stylish design. It fits into any environment as it is a European design of advanced technology. Diameter – 360 mm allows to place the tank in any convenient location without taking up useful space.


The control panel is hidden under the bottom edge of the tank, which added to the charm and ease of operation of the device. Operation is simple and intuitive, switching and heating is clearly visible by information indicators, LED-display shows the current temperature and other indicators. Electronics allows you to set the temperature of the water heating to within a degree.

Storage water heaters


The heater heats water quickly and economically, which is achieved by the special design of the boiler and the use of the most advanced and modern materials in its manufacture. Our SPS security system is enriched with antibacterial glass enamel, environmentally friendly and high density polyurethane foam CFCFREE, which acts as thermal insulation.

This insulation in off mode loses only 0.4 degrees per hour. That means the boiler will lose only 3.2 degrees centigrade during the night! If you heat the water in the evening, you can wash in the morning, without wasting time on heating.

In economic mode only one heating element operates, which saves up to 20% of energy. The device is almost silent.

Boiler with its completely safe operation. This is due to a multi-level protection, proprietary design of the manufacturer. Safety meets all the requirements of the European IP24, and domestic GOST 14254-96 1 class . For example: the operating temperature of water is 70 ° C if for some reason the temperature rose to 90 ° C, the device automatically disconnects from the network.

Safety check valve is included. It passes water in one direction only and prevents its spontaneous release from the boiler in case of water supply failure. A valve further protects the appliance from overpressure by releasing it through the drainage nozzle. Water heaters are not afraid of the “stray” voltage in the electrical system, which is especially important for cottagers and villagers.

Installation and maintenance can be performed independently, you only need to carefully read the instructions. Only the magnesium anode needs to be replaced regularly every two years . The process is as simple as changing a light bulb. If the water in the tank contains impurities grains of sand, rust from water pipes, chalk deposits and so on the water can be easily removed from the tank. , it is recommended to install additional fine filter.

European design, electronic control, quality materials.

Only two volumes.

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