Bork G600 wok: secrets of Asian tradition in today’s kitchen

Bork presents its newest wok, the Bork G600 with its unique multilayer non-stick coating Eterna, a 2400 Watt heating element and a choice of 15 temperature settings. With the Bork G600 wok you can surprise your guests again and again with unusual dishes cooked in the best traditions of Asian cuisine. At the same time, the wok – an indispensable thing for everyday quick cooking a variety of dishes, preserving the useful properties of food. Compact size and easy storage Bork G600 wok makes it a versatile solution for the modern kitchen.

Bork G600 Wok

Connoisseurs of Oriental cuisine, gourmands and simply lovers of healthy, fast and delicious food will appreciate the Bork G600 wok. The new product combines the traditional conical shape of a wok, the benefits of which have been proven for thousands of years, and the most advanced technological developments.

The material of the bowl, aluminum with a multi-layer non-stick coating Eterna, is environmentally friendly and resistant to high temperatures and mechanical damage. It has high thermal conductivity and therefore allows you to cook quickly, without exposing the food to excessive heat.

The unique multilayer coating of Eterna retains its non-stick properties during the entire service life.

A heavy-duty glass lid with adjustable steam outlet is ideal for simmering and keeping food warm for long periods. Ergonomic handle design creates additional comfort during cooking, allowing you to touch it without grasping it.

A 2400 watt heating element distributes heat quickly and evenly across the entire interior of the wok to keep the temperature constant and thus ensure optimal cooking time.

Precise temperature control with 15 temperature settings for all European and Asian dishes: a variety of vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and seafood, soups, sauces and even jams.

With a maximum temperature of 218 ˚ C HIGH SEAR mode , it simulates the effect of the famous traditional roasting over high heat with constant stirring.

The wok is easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the catch that allows you to separate the cooking bowl from the base with a single movement.

Try new dishes cooked in the Bork G600 wok!

The Bork G600 wok is already available for sale in Bork boutiques . For more information, visit the bork website.

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