Bork U800 Multichef: a revolution in the kitchen

The company Bork announced the release of a unique new product – multichef Bork U800. Not only does this model replace the steam cooker, pressure cooker, slow stove, oven and multicooker with unsurpassed skill, but it also cooks haute cuisine from the famous Carlo Greco, chef of the Dom Carlo restaurant. As a leader in the segment of premium kitchen appliances, Bork was the first company in America to offer its clients automated cooking of gastronomic specialties. Multichef U800 sale start – March 1, 2013.

Bork U800 Multichef

The Bork U800 Multichef is a new generation of multicookers. Unlike his predecessors, he is not just a virtuoso at cooking healthy and delicious dishes: pilaf, fish, baked goods, cottage cheese, buckwheat, broth, etc.

The U800 offers three dishes from Carlo Grecu, a disciple of the legendary Allan Ducasse 3 Michelin stars and the famous restaurateur Paul Bocuse, with seventeen years of experience in gastronomy. Before coming to New York maestro worked in restaurants of Monaco, Toscana, France and Sardinia.

At the touch of a button, after a while, you can enjoy a seafood risotto, Ligurian octopus or crème caramel. The multicooker will let you know with a pleasant voice when it is ready.

In addition to high gastronomic skills, the distinctive feature of the model multichef Bork U800 is an advanced set of modes, providing the possibility of individual adjustment of time and temperature, high intensity frying mode and intuitive interface. This novelty is equipped with an induction heating element and a function of cooking under pressure, which makes the food cooked much faster. With the help of delayed start function up to 24 hours , you can cook breakfast, lunch or dinner by the set time. The self-cleaning function of the bowl makes cleaning very easy, and its extra durable non-stick coating, resistant to scratches, will last for many years.

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  1. Indigo

    This Bork U800 Multichef sounds impressive, but I wonder if it’s worth the investment. Has anyone used it? How does it compare to the traditional kitchen appliances? I’m curious to know if it actually revolutionizes cooking or if it’s just another gadget. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Cambria

    This sounds interesting! Can you please provide more details about the Bork U800 Multichef and how it revolutionizes the kitchen?

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