Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS – stimulate your feet

The new foot massager Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS improves circulation, eliminates fatigue and heaviness in the legs, relieves muscle tension, reduces swelling and pain in the foot and ankle.

It will be available for ordering from MERLION, the exclusive distributor of Beurer.

Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS

The Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS blood stimulator delivers electrical muscle stimulation EMS to the foot area.

Comes with cuffs for extra stimulation around the lower legs. Two electrodes on each foot area and one on each thigh cuff.

15 preset pulse wave options can be adjusted in intensity levels from 1 to 99. For easy movement while using the massager has an additional function Step.

In addition, the device is equipped with a timer with a countdown – from 5 to 90 minutes.

The device is extremely safe in use – in case of improper use, there is an emergency shutdown. Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS massager works both cordless and battery-powered.

It is controlled by remote control.

The new Beurer FM 250 Vital Legs EMS foot massager will be available to order from MERLION in September 2019.

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