BEKO launches new range of washing machines

Many families face the situation when they need a washing machine with a large load capacity, but do not have the space to install it. Turkish manufacturer of home appliances BEKO has solved this problem by developing a new range of washing machines, which due to the increased diameter of the drum at a depth of 40 cm can wash up to 6 kg of laundry, and 45 cm – 7 kg.

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The new model with light indication are modern washing machines, which will easily control the current status of the device.

Another model, with a digital display, will show the main parameters of the machine.

Both new products will go on sale this August-September and will come in a variety of designs – one with a regular hatch and one with a large.

Moreover, both models will be available in two versions: with a drum depth of 40 cm – with the ability to load 6 kg of laundry and with a depth of 45 cm – with the ability to load 7 kg of laundry.

The spin speed options for the new washing machines will be: 800 rpm./min., 1000 rpm./min. and 1200 rpm./min.

Another new washing machine from BEKO is NEVA+, which will replace the old NEVA model in September.

The main difference is that the spin speed can be changed, which will make doing laundry easier and more convenient.

In November we will be launching the Slim model, which, with its drum depth of only 35cm, will wash up to 5kg of laundry.

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