Indesit presents new range of upright washing machines

Indesit brand introduces a new range of upright washing machines, designed for those who value time and still care about washing quality. All models are equipped with special modes, which significantly reduce the cycle time without compromising the result.


Statistically speaking, most families tend to use the wash cycle for less than an hour1. These new Indesit washing machines have five RapidWash cycles, each one tailored to a specific fabric type, giving you just an hour to gently wash your clothes.

The Turn&Wash mode has been specially designed to wash items made of different materials at the same time. The washing machine cleans both cotton and synthetics from impurities at a temperature of 30°C. A cycle time of 45 minutes. You can stop thinking about which washing mode to choose – you just turn the knob and press the ‘start’ button.

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Washing machines

The new line of Indesit washing machines is presented by three models. The flagship model has a maximum load capacity of 6-7kg and will spin at up to 1200rpm. The washing machines have a high energy efficiency class A+++.

In addition, the products are equipped with a large digital display and have an intuitive interface. All modes and functions are marked on the washing machine. In addition, the new models have an improved ergonomic handle, which works on the principle of Push&Open – the lid is easy to open by lightly pressing the handle.

Washing machines

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Doing your homework #BetterTogether!

In spring 2017, the Indesit brand launched a social campaign #DoItTogether, which aims to draw attention to the unequal distribution of household responsibilities in the family. On average, a woman spends twice as much time on household chores as a man. But progress does not stand still, and modern household appliances offer new solutions to allow any family member to take part in housework.

Alexey Mastilenko, Marketing Director Whirlpool America and Asia. “The new line of washing machines greatly simplifies the washing process and provides gentle care for items made of the most delicate fabrics. Our goal is to make your washing machine as easy as possible to use at home. Based on the needs of real families, in the new range we have put the emphasis on practicality and usefulness. Thus, the washing machines are equipped with the popular modes of fast washing, which significantly saves time.”.

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The recommended retail price is:

Indesit ITW E 71252 G – 27 990 Dollars

Indesit ITW E 61052 G – 25 990 Dollars

Indesit TMI A 51051 N – 21000 Dollars

Indesit ITW A 51052 W – 22700 Dollars

Indesit ITW A 5852 W – 20400 Dollars

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