Bath or shower: pros and cons

Bath or shower? – The debate on this subject can go on and on. The dilemma is really difficult, but solvable, especially if you approach it rationally and sort out the pros and cons.


For your safety

Safety must be paramount in the bathroom, especially if there is a child or an elderly person. In this matter, the shower is ahead: no need to climb over the rim, the trays usually have an anti-slip coating, it is possible to install a seat for the elderly, children and people who suffer from vertigo.

It is also important to consider the material from which the bathtub or shower area is made. Experts recommend making a choice in favor of shower enclosures from tempered glass: it is more durable and reliable than plastic. Even hospital wards and perinatal centers are equipped with this type of construction. This means that even if the glass breaks, it will be harmless and won’t hurt anyone.

The most reliable option for a bathtub is considered a traditional cast iron. Today’s market leader in baths, acrylic, despite its design and practicality, is mechanically fragile and sensitive to temperature. A compromise option may well become rapidly gaining popularity kvaril baths that combine the aesthetics of acrylic and durability of quartz.

The bottom of some bathtubs is equipped with anti-slip relief, but at the same time, this can become a place of accumulation of bacteria and dirt.

Conclusion: one point for safety in favor of the shower.

Sanitary ware

For pleasure

The bathroom has long ceased to be a place solely for hygiene procedures. It’s also associated with relaxation after a day at work or as a wake-up call in the morning. Every romantic knows that there’s nothing better than enjoying a scented bath by flickering candles. A bubble bath is also relaxing, soothing and can be combined with beauty treatments.

But the shower can also give you an invigorating shower, which is just as much fun for your body and soul. Modern shower systems allow you to choose a mode, depending on your mood: from small drops to a tropical shower, contrast shower, whirlpool, “Turkish bath,” aromatherapy. For example, the Italian manufacturer of sanitary ware IB Rubinetterie can make the dream of SPA in your own shower with the help of Aquabeat shower system with modes of waterfall, “mist jets”, color therapy.

Conclusion: Both baths and showers can uplift your mood and improve your sense of well-being. There are many benefits to using both. Everyone can get a point for their pleasure.


For your health

No matter how useful and pleasant is the adoption of water procedures, as always, there are limitations. For example, a shower can have an exceptionally positive effect on health, if you don’t neglect the sense of proportion. Experts do not recommend taking too many showers with gels, scrubs and shampoos, as this can destroy the skin’s protective balance.

As for the hot bath, doctors do not advise to take it more than 15 minutes: hot water increases the load on the heart and blood vessels. Not so good news for lovers of lengthy water procedures is and dermatologists. American Academy of Dermatology spokesperson Lauren Ploch tells us that while bathing and showering are equally useful for hygiene, showering is preferable for preserving youthful skin. It turns out that a long stay in the hot bath can lead to dry skin. But we must pay tribute: in combination with herbs, salt, oils, bath can turn into a real curative procedure!

Conclusion: both bath and shower have a beneficial effect on the body when used properly and by following the recommendations of experts, and deserve a point each.


For cleaning

In this sense, the bathtub is usually more practical: a smooth surface is easier to wipe off, and the choice of care products is richer. Showerheads are less likely to make their owners happy. It’s a little more difficult to care for, because the walls are covered with plaque that must be periodically removed with special products. An exception is the shower in a niche, the walls of which are usually tiled.

But progress is not standing still, and some manufacturers are treating the walls of fences with special coatings that make life easier for housewives. The shower rail manufacturer GuteWetter has developed GuteClean, for example, which acts as a protective barrier against limescale and dirt on the glass, making cleaning that much easier. As a result, the glass is easy to clean and retains its original appearance longer. Another useful feature of modern shower systems is a button for auto-cleaning of the head of the shower head from lime deposit installed on the shower head or rod.

Nevertheless, 1 point in favor of the bathtub for ease of care.


For a trendy interior

The question of choosing a bathtub or a shower enclosure should be decided on the basis of individual preferences and style of the bathroom. For example, in a functional and dynamic high-tech would fit better the shower with clear perpendicular lines and laconic fittings. In addition, it is now possible to decorate the shower enclosure sashes with patterns that repeat the decor of tiles, which makes it easy to fit into almost any style.

The exceptions are interiors, in which the bath was historically present – Empire, Art Deco, Provence, Victorian style. Almost all manufacturers of sanitary ware now offer a large selection of bathtubs of different styles and shapes, free-standing and recessed, made of refined materials such as copper or natural stone.

“The trend in 2017 in the design of bathrooms is harmony and unity with nature. Earthy, green, woody, smoky hues and natural materials are in vogue. There are a lot of variations to equip bathroom with the latest fashion – for every taste. For example, current attributes of wood can be in one case combined with a shower enclosure made of transparent glass from floor to ceiling and fragments of brickwork in the loft style. In another – with a large round ivory-colored bathtub and furniture with bronze and brass finishes, you get a provincial style”, – comments interior designer from New York Eugenia Morozova.

Conclusion: both shower cabins and baths can become an organic element of style and an object of aesthetic pleasure. It is only necessary to choose a particular model on the basis of taste and room parameters. One point each.

Sanitary ware

For ergonomics

The question of the most efficient use of space, as a rule, is in the priority. The best solution here is a shower. If every centimeter of your bathroom is important, you should pay attention to the current decisions of plumbing manufacturers. For example, the Style shower enclosure from GuteWetter with a 360-degree rotation radius of the sliding elements. “This fence allows for custom designs even in a small space. You can “fold” the doors in different directions, fix the doors flush to the wall. Now shower enclosures are no longer as massive as they used to be,” explains Lyudmila Alexandrovna Adestova, CEO of GuteWetter.

The current year of ecology 2017 obliges us to think not only about saving space, but also about water. Here, too, the weight in favor of the shower. For those who appreciate water in particular, the Rainmaker Select 460 3jet EcoSmart shower system from Hansgrohe is a useful addition. The “Remembers” button installed on the system allows you to save the water temperature and not waste time adjusting it the next time you turn on your shower.

Conclusion: the score for ergonomics is deservedly added to the soul.

To summarize

In the end, in the water duel the shower wins with the score 5:4, though the dispute between the supporters of shower and bathtub will hardly ever be resolved. It is necessary to be guided in your choice not only by the parameters, but also by what you like.

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