Cooling bath – the bio-freezer concept

Yuri Dmitriev, a graduate of the Chuvashia State University named after V.I. Vernadsky. i.n. The designer, a graduate of the Chuvashia State University named after Ulyanov, has dreamed of the future, having created a concept of a bi-robot refrigerator.

The unusual freezer operates in a completely different way from conventional models – it is four times smaller than a conventional freezer and is cooled using bio-polymer gel. Instead of shelving, the odorless, non-sticky gel envelops your food as if encapsulated.

Four times smaller than usual, it is cooled with biopolymer gel. Instead of the usual placement on shelves, the odorless, non-sticky gel envelops foods as if encapsulating them.

Absence of doors, shelves and a motor allows 90% of the refrigerator’s useful volume to be used for food storage. Foods retain their natural flavor and aroma. Products do not dry out because there is no convection.

Operating principle of bio-fridge: conversion of invisible infrared radiation into visible light. It cools by absorbing thermal energy and emits it in a different wavelength range. It’s the same principle that powers the cladding on the space shuttle.

The cooling process requires no energy. Products are immersed in gel. Strong surface tension creates a separate capsule for each product. The shape of the refrigerator can change depending on its filling. The more products in it, the more space it takes up. Usable volume can be increased up to 300%.

The refrigerator can be installed either horizontally or vertically, and even on the ceiling. Adjustable size allows it to adapt to any habitat. Furthermore, there is no need to provide space for opening the door, the chamber does not need to be cleaned, and most importantly, it consumes less electricity. The bio fridge takes up a fraction of the space of its predecessor. Even the name itself – “refrigerator” – doesn’t fit anymore it’s more like a refrigerated tub.

The cooling process is accompanied by a glowing gel-luminescence. The work of the household appliance turns into a fascinating spectacle.


– The operation process does not require energy for cooling food

– The peculiarity of the construction – it is 4 times smaller than a usual refrigerator, it changes its shape depending on the load

– The absence of shelves and doors allows you to place it both vertically and horizontally

– The gel is not sticky, odorless

– Large storage density, the volume is used as efficiently as possible

– Products are always in sight and easily accessible

– Completely silent operation, no moving parts.

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