At Aqua-Therm New York 2016 participants presented new developments in the field of alternative energy

From February 2 to 5, 2016. the 20th anniversary international professional exhibition Aqua-Therm New York was held in New York. The focus of the event was energy efficiency. This direction was especially widely presented at the stands of 27 participants of the special project New Energy. The latter includes the American division of the Belgian company ACV, a leader in the production and sale of stainless steel boilers by technology “tank-in-tank. The experts showed the market the developments in the field of heating equipment: pellet boilers and fireplaces brand Radijator, as well as equipment of an Austrian brand Gilles, working on wood chips with high humidity up to 55% .

Solid fuel boilers

ACV surprised the visitors with the Gilles boiler that worked on wet wood chips

Today the best minds in the world are focused on developing solutions to improve the energy and resource efficiency of domestic and industrial facilities

, – Maxim Ryzhak, general director of ACV Rus.-

To be in the trend, we developed and exhibited at Aqua-Therm alternative fuels equipment, Radijator pellet boilers and fireplaces, Gilles pellet equipment and Gilles boiler, which gets its energy from non-traditional sources: from wood chips to wood waste. Of course we have not ignored traditional gas-fired equipment. In particular, at Aqua-Therm was exhibited boiler Delta Classic with built-in stainless steel boiler, made by technology “tank-in-tank”, and atmospheric gas burner “.

Equipment of Radijator and Gilles brands was placed at the ACV stand+. The Gilles boiler with its capability to run on wood chips and up to 55% moisture content was of particular interest to visitors. According to the specialists of ACV Rus, this is a very high indicator: in fact it is possible to cut down a tree, chop it up and send it for burning immediately. Today a limited number of boilers are able to operate with such fuel, most use wood chips with a moisture content of no more than 30%. In addition to models working on wood chips, the line of the Austrian brand also includes pellet boilers. The key advantage of all types of equipment – full automation: they have the functions of cleaning turbulators and ash removal, boiler automation allows you to connect and control 52 circuits.

Also on the stand ACV + demonstrated other series and types of pellet equipment: boilers TKAN1 and EcoComfort and fireplaces BIOlux. Such devices are particularly relevant for individual households and businesses located in non-gasified areas. Using pellets as fuel is profitable, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. It is worth separately noting that BIOlux fireplaces differ from their analogues by fully automated operation and possibility of heating directly the room where the fireplace is, and supplying energy to the central heating system, to the radiators.

At their booth under the usual ACV label the company presented boilers of indirect heating, atmospheric cast iron boilers, equipment with built-in water heaters and a novelty – Delta Classic atmospheric steel boiler. The development was a response to a constant request from consumers for heating equipment with built-in boilers and atmospheric burners. The advantages of this type of devices – simplicity, quiet operation, the lack of additional fans for air supply. The latter determines the high reliability of the equipment. At the moment, the novelty is represented by a 35 kW model, but the manufacturer intends to expand the range of the line.

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