A lady in years won’t get tangled up in wires. Sennheiser introduced the evolution series D1 wireless digital microphone system for musicians

Sennheiser introduced in the American market – wireless digital microphone system evolution wireless D1. The presentation of the equipment took place on September 8 in the New York club “16 tons”. Wireless digital microphone system D1 series evolution – a modern solution for musicians, combining high sound quality, reliable transmission and ease of use.

“The D1 simply plunges you into an atmosphere of creativity, taking on all the complexities of working with wireless systems,” emphasizes Martin Fischer, product manager at Sennheiser. Transmitters and receivers automatically connect to each other, independently selecting interference-free frequencies. And when multiple D1 systems are working simultaneously, they automatically perform the coordination of radio frequencies between them. Up to 15 parallel channels can be used in total.


The D1 operates in the 2.4 GHz open band, which does not require a radio license. Each radio system always has a minimum of two channels at your disposal so that you can instantly switch to the backup frequency if necessary. Controllable channel redundancy ensures stable operation even in range of WiFi and Bluetooth devices. Reliability and uninterrupted transmission is further protected by diversionary switching between antennas.

aptX Live codec provides excellent sound quality and wide dynamic range for vocals, speech and musical instruments across the entire audio frequency spectrum.In addition, the D1 has a wide range of built-in sound processing features: a seven-band graphic equalizer, a low-pass clipping filter, an automatic gain control and a de-esser.

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