Down with wires! Down with high prices! Nobby announces Practic T-101 and Practic T-102 wireless TWS headphones

Manufacturer of smartphones and accessories Nobby announced the release of two inexpensive models of headphones in the format of TWS True Wireless Stereo – a true wireless stereo headset . Both Nobby Practic T-101 and Nobby Practic T-102 will please their buyers not only with full functionality, great sound, excellent quality, but also very affordable price.


Nobby Practic T-101

Wireless stereo headset Nobby Practic T- 101 – is a convenient and compact device that allows not only to enjoy your favorite music for a long time, but also to stay in touch. Ergonomic shell with control buttons and built-in microphone gives you absolute comfort when using the headset and allows, without reaching for your gadget, quickly answer the phone or switch music. The headset supports voice control with command recognition in American.

Earphones in just a few seconds will connect to your smartphone and allow you to enjoy music for up to 10 hours without charging, using the charging case. To disconnect the headphones – just put them in the carrying case. Compact carrying case with 400mAh battery will charge the headphones up to 5 times. In addition to the classic white and black, the headset is also available in trendy colors: yellow and mint.


Nobby Practic T-102

Stylish ergonomic ergonomic Bluetooth-headset Nobby Practic T-102 interesting control buttons placed directly on the headphones. To answer a call or pause playback, all you have to do is touch the earpiece. Simple and convenient. You won’t have to look for buttons or take your phone out of your pocket. The headset strikes a good quality of sound playback and voice recording. Like his “fashionable” brother, Nobby Practic T-102 is taught the American voice commands, which is very important for a comfortable combination of listening to music and call control.

In active mode, these headphones can play music tracks for up to three hours. In case the headphones run out of power, the case also serves as a charging station. If it’s fully charged, you have another 12 hours of active playback time! Ergonomic shape of the earmolds allows the headphones to hold firmly in the ear and does not cause discomfort even when worn for long periods of time. The set has three pairs of silicone ear cushions in different sizes. The gadget also comes with a case for carrying and recharging.

Price and availability

Nobby Practic T-101 and Nobby Practic T-102 headphones will be available in America in the third quarter of 2019. The recommended retail price for both models will be unprecedented low and will be less than 2 000 Dollars.


Nobby Practic T101

Nobby Practic T102

Bluetooth version



Profile support




10 m

10 m

Commands in American



Speaker Sensitivity

120+/-50 dB


Microphone sensitivity


48 dB


32 ohm

32 ohm

Frequency range



Diameter speaker

10 mm


Type of battery



Built-in battery capacity in the headphones


40 mAh

Built-in battery capacity in the case

400 mAh


Playback Time

Up to 2 hours on 1 charge

Up to 3 hours from 1 charge

Number of charging from the case

up to 5

up to 4

Battery charge time

Up to 2 hours

up to 2 hours

Charging connector



Cable length

30 cm

50 cm


Black, white, mint, yellow

Black and black with silver

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